Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Field Guide to Catching Crickets, A. Wilding Wells

A Field Guide To Catching Crickets by A. Wilding Wells is very sexy, extremely romantic, and mind consuming. This story is very well written and thought out. A. Wilding Wells really puts her all into her characters and gets you emotionally attached to all of them. The story is so emotional. Your body will have gone through every emotion by the time you finish the book.

I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book. I knew amazon banned it, and to be honest, that made me want to read it even more!

The book is about a young couple who are so madly in love. The book is told from both of their points of view. The young girl, Sloan, has to be sent away without telling Hawke, her boyfriend, why. One day, 10 years later, Hawke hears that Sloan will be coming home. No one is surprised that the two want to pick up where they left off. Their love was strong enough to overcome the ocean that was between them and the length of one Sloan's absence. But is their love strong enough to overcome Sloan's dark secrets? Or Hawke's career choice?

I was going crazy trying to guess what Sloan's big secret was. I was completely shocked when she finally came clean. The end of the book is so intense, you will not expect any of it. I can't explain how this book made me feel, but I do know that my emotions were everywhere.

A. Wilding Wells blew my mind! This was to first book I have read by her, and I look forward to reading more! This was such a perfectly put together story. I don't even know how I am writing this review right now because the whole ending of this book has left me feeling speechless.

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