Saturday, May 28, 2016

Beaten, Rebekah Rue

Beaten by Rebekah Rue is a super intense, exciting, nail biting story about love, friendship, and loss.

Let me start by saying my heart is broken and this book left me feeling all kinds of emotions. In a good way! I can honestly say that you will never be ready for some of the things Rebekah throws at you. Beaten was so intense that I could not, and would not, stop reading til I finished the book.

This book is about a young girl , Lo, who lives with extremely strict parents. When they die, she blames their death on herself. She moves away to live with her best friend Maggie, leaving her first love, Heath, without any notice. Lo soon meets a big ladies man named Talon. Talon knows that Lo is enough to tame him and it is instant attraction. Lo saves Talon.

"You fell to me from heaven and have become my heart. I love you."

One day, Lo's first love comes to town. Is Lo's love for Talon strong enough to survive once Heath is back in the picture?

I was so emotionally attached to the characters. Lo was extremely relatable and I cried with her, laughed with her, loved with her, and hated with her. Now Talon, that boy is PERFECT. He changes completely for Lo, and is willing to go above and beyond for her.

This book made me so happy and so sad. It was perfect though. The story was so perfect and I loved it so much! I highly recommend this book!

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