Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cant Fight Fate, Lisa N Edwards

Can't Fight Fate by Lisa N Edwards is a story about a woman, Nikki, trying to find herself in the world. This is a cute, fast, and exciting read!

Nikki is 38 and still doesn't have her life together. 17 years prior, she met with a physic who told her all about her perfect man. Nikki now lives in LA with her best friend, Siobhan, and sets out to find herself and her perfect man. She gets a good job and goes on a few dates. Nikki thinks she is destined to be with a beautiful green eyed man, but is the physic right? Can a physic determine fate? What if Nikki's fate is headed in a different direction? She will soon learn that you can't fight fate.

Edward's characters are very relatable, especially Nikki. Aren't we all just trying to start our careers and find the perfect partner? There is tons of drama in this book, along with juicy gossip. We get to see the struggles of Nikki and Siobhan, while they live in LA! Each and every struggle, once again, is very common and very relatable.

I am so happy that I already have the second book in this series. I will be starting it as soon as I post this review! Everyone go read this series!

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