Saturday, May 28, 2016

Criminal Utopia: Fear The Hacker, J. Arthur Squiers

First things first, I absolutely enjoyed Criminal Utopia: Fear The Hacker by J.Arthur Squiers. Right away you are introduced to Jim, who is the main character. Jim is a kind, honest, and determined man. His determination helps him succeed at the marathon and continues to help him succeed throughout the story. His positive qualities are what attracts the hacker.

The story starts out extremely exciting and actually stays exciting! J.Arthur Squiers' story will never bore you! It had one action packed scene after another, and if it wasn't full of action it was full of suspense. I could not put this book down. I found myself always wanting more! It was easy to put yourself into Jim's and Emily's position (Emily is Jim's fiancé). Since it was so easy to put yourself into the book, you feel like you need to continue reading in hopes of finding out what happens. The ending is perfect! You will not know what hit you when you find out who the hacker is.

The story ties together at the end perfectly and there are many surprising and shocking moments! You can not try to guess what will happen because nothing is what you expect in this story! Lacey is a character introduced mid story. She actually ends up being my favorite character! She is very tech savy but also has a brain and can make do without technology. I really do hope to see more of Lacey in future stories.

J.Arthur Squiers provides an aftermath explaining why everything happens the way it does. You will also get some character background history, along with more details about certain scenes in the book. This is awesome because you don't have to sit there asking yourself questions after finishing. J.Arthur Squiers answers all your questions!

This story not only excites you and scares you a bit, but it also makes you think. You become more aware about how important technology is to people of this day and age. You also realize how easy people can get access to your information and life.

Criminal Utopia: Fear The Hacker is a hauntingly exciting read! I highly recommended this book! Always Remember.. "Crime is crime, it's never justified" - J.Arthur Squiers.

*Fun Fact*
This book was the very first book I have ever reviewed! For that reason, this book will always and forever be special to me. The author is a super cool dude too! I will not ever forget the video he posted on Instagram about his book giving people nightmares. The first night I began reading this book, I stayed up decently late reading. I woke up in the middle of the night( yes, you guessed it!) with nightmares!!!!

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