Tuesday, May 31, 2016

From Authors to Friends

Esther Dalseno
I first talked to Esther Dalseno on twitter when she released Drown. I am a huge mermaid fanatic, so one look at that beautiful cover and I knew I had to have this book! I began tweeting about how excited I was to receive this book, and Esther, being the kind soul she is, replied to each and every tweet! Soon after, we became Instagram friends and started talking about non book related topics. We bonded right away over dogs, mermaids, and tattoos! I can not tell you guys enough, how excited I am when I meet an author who is down to earth and willing to talk to every single one of her fans! It makes me happy to say that Esther is my Mermaid friend! If any of you want to check out her books, I am providing a few links below.

Jacqueline E. Smith

Jacqueline is such a sweet girl! I first began talking to her, when I was interested in reviewing her book, Boy Band. We bonded right away over my last name, which is Beach! Jacqueline and I are both lovers of the beach! So Awesome! Shortly after, I liked her facebook page, which is listed below. We are now friends on both of our personal facebook accounts and talk regularly! She has written two series: Boy Band & Cemetery Tours. If any of you want to check out her books, I am providing a few links below

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