Saturday, May 28, 2016

What Lies Within, James Morris

It's not every day that I get to read exciting books about science and experiments. Wh
at Lies Within kept me on my toes and wanting more!

"Violence was like a virus,ready to spread."

What Lies Within by James Morris is creative, thrilling, and heart pounding! He invites you into Shelley's life and provides loads and loads of back ground info as the book progresses. This book is extremely complex and well written.

Shelley is a young girl who lives an ordinary life. She has a good job, her best friend Winston, and a loving father. Shelley's only problem is that her dad wants her to work with the family business but she has big dreams of traveling the world. She soon  learns that she has far bigger problems than she ever thought she could.

Out of nowhere, a young boy finds Shelley and claims to be her brother. A few days later, he is dead. Shelley finds that she along with 12 other young people are on a list. Everyone on this list is being hunted down and killed. But why? Can Shelley and Winston figure out the puzzle? Can they solve this mystery before the hunter comes after Shelley?

This book is extremely well thought out and very well written! The cover is also really beautiful! I liked Shelley's character and her relationship with Winston. I really loved Winston! Always willing to be there for Shelley and saving her, if need be.

"I just Luke Skywalker-ed you from the Death Star!"

Everyone needs to read this book! James Morris is amazing! This book blew my mind.

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