Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lily and the Octopus, Steven Rowley

Jump into Ted's world.. Where true love exist, friendship is never broken, and octopus are not what they see

Once you read this book, Lily will never leave your heart. It was impossible not to fall in love with Lily. Ted and Lily's bond is stronger than any I've ever heard of. A true pair of best friends. This book takes you on a heart clinching ride. I was constantly crying, because this story hit me real close to home. You meet Lily, and learn that she has a growth that will forever change their life.

There are a few small hints throughout the book at what the octopus might really be. You can easily make an educated guess as to what lily has and what will happen to her. That makes everything in the book a little more sad as you continue reading. But, it does not in any way take away from the happy parts of the book. Ted & Lily had many amazing adventures together. For those two, everyday was an adventure. With this book releasing in June, Lily will continue having adventures inside each and every reader.

Steven Rowley writing is very creative! The octopus is extremely symbolic and I loved how he described the battle between him and lily and the octopus. He knew how to make the story, more than just a story. Steven went above and beyond with the details and creativity. He captured Lily perfectly and should be extremely proud.

Thank you for allowing me to get a small glimpse of just how amazing Lily was.

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