Saturday, May 28, 2016

Our Demons, Best Friends; Diana T. Scott

Our Demons,Best Friends by Diana T. Scott is a story about love and trying to be happy, while dealing with a tragic past.

I love reading stories where the characters just pop right out of the book like they are there with you. Diana's characters are amazing and such a great group. Ava, the main character, starts falling in love with a boy, Sebastian. This boy, along with herself, has a horrible past. This book is about overcoming your past and not letting it ruin your future.

"It didn't seem fair to force you to make friends with my demons. Who knew they were already falling for you."

Can Ava and Sebastian make their relationship work? Will their demons get along?

Our Demons, Best Friends is extremely relatable. Many of us, who are dating, always worry about our past and if it will effect anything in the future. This books shows you that, that is no way to live. There are people out there willing to accept your past, your demons.

This book was such a cute, and sometimes irritating, love story! I'm looking forward to reading more by Diana T. Scott.

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