Saturday, May 28, 2016

Slumber, Christy Sloat

Have your dreams ever felt real? Has reality ever felt like your dreams? What do you do when a strange boy from your past arrives to save you? When nurses turn into birds and doctors are evil queens.

Rory is convinced she killed her boyfriend. That is how she ends up in an asylum after all. That all changes when people show up trying to convince her that she is not crazy and that she didn't kill her boyfriend. Rory soon finds out that her life is nothing she thought it was.

Slumber by Christy Sloat is a fun and exciting twist on the original Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, which she did fantastically by the way! This book is full of revenge, lies, true love, family, friends, and hate. This book has it all! It was such an exciting, thrilling read. I read the whole book in one sitting. Christy's writing style is so beautiful! The whole book played out in my head perfectly. I felt like I was a part of the story, like I was actually in the asylum helping everyone plot to defeat the evil Dr. M!

This book is told by Rory's point of view, as well as Dr. M's point of view. This gives the reader more insight on the story and why characters are behaving the way they are.

I truly have nothing negative to say about this book. The only thing about my situation right now, that is close to being negative, is the fact that I don't currently have the second book in this duology! Meaning that I have to wait to finish the story!

*Fun Fact*
Christy Sloat is actually my boyfriend's best friend's sister! How funny is that? We lived in the same town and attended the same high school! It took me three years to figure that out, but I am extremely glad I did! Christy is super sweet and I can not wait to check out more of her work.

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