Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Somewhere In Between, Katie Li

Katie Li takes you into the lives of Magnolia and Rom. The two friends have known each other since they were little. Magnolia and Rom are anxious about the future and are easily stressed out. One day they come across a gate that takes them to 'somewhere in between'.

"White light escapes through the crack as it opens, so bright against the darkness that they have to sheild their eyes as they enter."

Magnolia and Rom travel to this place often and start looking forward to their time together.

"I would never being someone else here. This is our place"

One day the two just stop going. They haven't heard from each other since, until now.

I get where the author was going with this book, but it was really confusing to read/follow. I wasn't sure if I was reading about the past or the present. I found myself not really even knowing what was going on at times. It was very easy to understand Magnolia and Rom's relationship when they were younger but sense the past and the present were meshed together, it was hard for me to understand their relationship in the present.

I do wish the author explained what was behind the gate better. Since the book focused most on that, it would be nice to have more details about the place.

To my understanding it kind of seemed like both the characters went crazy at the end? They started hallucinating their ex partners. That's what it seemed like anyway, I could have misinterpreted it though.

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