Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Ohana Tree, Rebecca Addison

Rebecca Addison wrote the most perfect story. With just the right amount of love and heart break, The Ohana Tree has easily made it's way into my top favorite books.

The Ohana Tree is about a young man torn between family, responsibility, passion, and love. The main character, Kai, will teach you about family and how family should care for one another and make sacrifices for one another. Kai is content with his living situation and routine until he meets Tessa. Kai is unaware that she will change everything. Is it possible to be afraid of loving someone too much?

This book kept me on the edge of my seat! I was an emotional wreck. I was happy, I was laughing, I was hurt, and at times I was balling my eyes out. There are many surprises and secrets throughout the book! I could not put it down!

I really enjoyed Addison's writing style! This story is very complex and is not going to be the story you are expecting to read. I look forward to reading more of Rebecca's work and hopefully seeing more of Kai and Tessa.

Always remember, "Family isn't always the people who made you; it's the people who love you".

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