Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Girl, Madhuri Blaylock

"You are anything but a girl. You are an abomination. Angel and Demon, the spawn of two creatures never meant to come into contact with one another. You are disgusting."

Madhuri Blaylock has wrote one amazing book! I have been reading a lot of really different/ unique books lately, and that makes me really happy. The girl has action, excitement, suspense, love, betrayal, and so much more!

You meet Wyatt and Ryker, best friends and hunters of The Sanctum. The Sanctum consists of 10 families and different training Academies. Wyatt's parents, The Clayworths, run the NY Academy. The Sanctum is on the hunt for a demon, but not just any demon. A hybrid demon. Wyatt and Ryker happen to know this hybrid demon by the name of Dev. Why do they know her name? They are hunters, so why haven't they killed her? Why does the sanctum want her so bad? The Sanctum requires the hunters to kill magical beings who have gone rogue. Dev hasn't gone rogue, so what is going on?

Madhuri is a very creative person! Magical creatures, portals, hunters, sanctums, and prophecies! This is such a fun world to jump in to, and to top it all off, I love New York! The last few days I've been pretty busy and was only about 60 pages in to this book. Today I had time to read, so i sat down and immediately HAD to finish the whole thing. It was that good!

I really enjoyed this book, and I know that I will love this series! I am very excited to read more! It was written extremely well and is told in two different points of view, which is my absolute favorite! The book is told from Dev's pov and Wyatt's pov. I love being able to see what each character is thinking and feeling! I really do hope this series becomes a movie one day because it is so perfect! The words were so vivid and left a distinct impression in my mind. Madhuri has gained a forever fan!

"I am half angel, half demon and all power. You have never seen anything like me, nor will you ever again. I am unique and wonderful and I am going to kill you."

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Still Water, A.M. Johnson

"I didn't know what was happening, but this chick was consuming me, lighting me on fire, and burning down every solid wall I had ever built. I couldn't want something this bad; I couldn't have another person tear down my world."

Book one, Still Life, was amazing! I had no idea how A.M. Johnson was going to top it, but it looks like she did! Still Water is so emotional and full of love, heartbreak, secrets, and much more drama!

Book two of the Forever Still series focuses on Todd more than any one else. It starts right where the first book left off, with Sawyer's and Liz's wedding. Todd is a complete mess. Todd has loved Liz his entire life and is completely broken. All he wants is for someone to feel that way about him and be able to love that person back. Todd had pushed other girls away because of Liz. Todd moved away from Liz, and began working at a bar/record label. Out of the blue, a girl named Lily starts working there too. Todd is immediately head over heals for her. Lily is not a simple girl. She has her own history in this town, and just so happens to know a man that Todd works with. Todd falls in love with her anyway, he can't help it. Todd feels really refreshed to be thinking about Lily now, instead of Liz. But what happens when Todd's old fling comes back into his life? The news she has for Todd is shocking! Can Todd and Lily get over this? Is their fresh, new relationship strong enough to handle this?

"I'd never had anything better, and I knew the minute my lips tasted her... She was going to be my new addiction."

I am in love with this series! I love how book one focused more on Liz and now book two is about Todd. I am excited to see what book three has in store for me. This series really is so amazing and Johnson is such a beautiful writer! Still Water had my emotions flying off the pages and all around the room!

You need this series in your life!

Losing Ground, Alice Rachel

"I wonder if mother would be the same without him. I wonder if she's like that with me because of him. But I can't think like that. This is not about him. This is about father. Mother hates me because of Father."

Alice Rachel is extremely kind to give us this novella! This is basically how Stephen became the man he is today and why he is so angry.

We get to see how Stephen's mom treated him and Chi. She definitely does not treat them fairly. We also get to see what the whole deal was with Chi, Stephen, and Willow! It really surprised me and was not what I expected. The behavior of Stephen's parents also surprised me! Alice Rachel also shows us a glimpse of the day that Chi's family disappeared from his life.

I really enjoyed this novella! It was short, sweet, and to the point. It definitely adds to the story. I feel like a lot of novellas out there are either super awesome or not important at all. Losing Ground was one of those awesome ones! If you read and enjoyed Under Ground, then you need this novella in your life!

Under Ground, Alice Rachel

"Being a woman in this world is anything but enjoyable. The fairness of our situation makes me mad, but I can never fully acknowledge it, even to myself. In my heart, there is this hidden place where anger is always boiling. I constantly try to quiet down the wrath raging inside me because showing anger would be dangerous, maybe even fatal."

Under Ground by Alice Rachel is AMAZING! I always say that I love books and stories that are different, and this book is definitely one of them!

This book goes back to when women had no rights and were treated like property. The city wants to get rid of poverty, so the poor can't have children and the middle class are only able to have one. We meet Thia, she comes from an upper class family, and is promised to a boy name William. William is very aggressive and a huge jerk. One day a mysterious boy starts hanging around, watching Thia. The mystery man's name is Chi and he was born illegally. He is the second child in a middle class family. He sweeps Thia off her feet and together they want to ruin the system. Thia doesn't want to belong to William. Chi doesn't want to be illegal. Can they really do this? Will Thia and Chi make a difference? Can they take down the government?

"Aren't you ever tired of following the rules and doing what they want you to do? We aren't even in control of our lives!"

Alice Rachel wrote such a unique story. I absolutely love Chi and Thia too! Her characters are amazing and she gives you extra material in the back of the book, which helps the reader understand the characters a bit more. I love Rachel's writing, words, and imagination. I couldn't stop reading this book. I picked it up and didn't put it down until I was done. When I finished this book, I felt like I had just finished watching a movie! It was that vivid in my mind! I am obsessed and I can't wait for book two!

"The war has now begun and we plan on winning it."

Black Bead, J.D. Lakey

"Do you understand that her gift is the gift of chaos? That her luck is as unpredictable as the wind and must be guarded against?"

Black Bead by J.D. Lakey was a short, awesome, sci-fi read! Lakey created a magical world where kids were made, covens are real, packs are formed, alphas exist, and many cool creatures roam! A few of the creatures that stood out the most were glasslizards, fuzzies, dubeh leopards, and spiders!

Tam was sent out to find his pack. Megan, a girl known for turning down everyone, says yes to Tam on one condition.. he had to choose Cheobawn too. Cheobawn was too young to be in a pack, but to her surprise she was allowed to go. The pack was warned that something was wrong with Cheobawn and she had failed her choosing day psi test. But did she fail on purpose? Does Cheobawn really know what she is doing? Cheobawn is the ear of her pack and a damn good one. She is only 6 years old and just as powerful as the 12 year olds. She could possibly be more powerful? The pack sets off on their journey, their foraging foray, and are in for a journey of their life.

"The sun can set, the moon can rise, and the forest can go back to being no fit place for human, man or child."

J.D. Lakey is so creative! After reading Black Bead and being introduced to Cheobawn, I want more! I would love to talk more about the book, but I can't give too much away! I really enjoyed the characters and how much they grew together. They work very well together now, at the end. While traveling through the forest, many things happen to the kids. The way Lakey described their adventures and the creature they saw was out of this world. I can only imagine what kind of creatures we will see in the future and what the pack will look like! From here on out, the pack can only get stronger! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

What Comes of Eating Doughnuts With a Boy Who Plays Guitar, Nicole Campbell

"Waaaaiiiiit a minute. Did you seriously just refer to me as a hobbit? Like a small hairy-footed creature from the Shire? That's the first tiny fantastical being to come to mind... you couldn't have gone with like a fairy or a pixie or something else that sparkles?"

What Comes of Eating Doughnuts With a Boy Who Plays Guitar by Nicole Campbell is such a cute read!!! I was up until 3 a.m. reading as much as I could!

This book broke my heart! I was so happy at times, and then out of no where I was extremely sad! I 100% completely fell in love with Campbell's characters!

This book is about a cheer leader named Courtney. She is not your average cheer leader! She is very smart, loves words, likes all music, and is more than just a pretty face. Over summer she flew out to Ohio, her hometown, to visit her friend Vanessa. Here is where she meets Ethan. Ethan Fisher. Ethan would forever change Courtney's life. The two of them are absolutely perfect together. Ethan is so cute too! Perfect book boyfriend material! He is the perfect boyfriend for Courtney as well.. until he realizes long distance is hard, maybe too hard. Courtney obviously had to go back home when summer was over. What will happen? Will Courtney's and Ethan's relationship survive the distance? Will Courtney ever look at a doughnut the same?

"So this is what comes of eating doughnuts with a boy who plays guitar, she thought. She has always known there was a chance that the best between them would erupt in flames. That much had been clear the first time he'd touched her."

This book is a must read! I love Nicole Campbell's writing, so vivid and beautiful! I also enjoyed how she had some Harry Potter and Hobbit references in her book! I can not wait to read the rest of the series. I am now a huge, huge Nicole Campbell fan!         

Still Life, A.M. Johnson

It is hard not to lose yourself in Still Life by A.M. Johnson! This story is so deep and the characters are so real!

Johnson introduces us to three best friends: Elizabeth, Todd, and Cameron. One day, Todd gets a new roommate. A really cute, Navy Seal roommate named Sawyer. Elizabeth falls for Sawyer, just as fast as he falls for her.

"I'm not sure if its the alcohol or the pure drug of her I was high on, but I was unable to stop myself from needing her one moment longer."

Sawyer and Elizabeth have a lot of things going against their relationship. Todd loves Elizabeth which makes everything hard, and Elizabeth and Sawyer do not have the prettiest pasts. The two of them have seen death, lots of death, and abuse. Can they make it through? Can their relationship survive? What happens when Sawyer's past returns and puts Elizabeth in danger? Can he ever live with himself? For all these answers and more, you need to go pick up a copy of Still Life!

This was A.M. Johnson's debut novel! I expected this novel to be good but not this good! I was really surprised with the story line and the ending! Oh my gosh.. the ending!!!! Johnson is such a beautiful writer! Her words had me crying, laughing, freaking out, pulling my hair out, and much more! Such an emotional story, but so worth it.

It was amazing to see the main characters grow throughout the book. They all really matured and allowed others in for help when needed. Such a beautiful love story between two people with such ugly pasts. I am eager to start book 2, Still Water! 

Zillow Stone Must Die, Brindi Quinn

"The marking was an exchange - my participation for Western City's energy, my sacrifice for my city's survival."

Act 3 is the best one yet!

Zillow Stone and her marker are still together! Her marker tells her to call him by his name, Crash. They get to know each other, and crash learns that prags weren't raised to be hunted, they actually have lives and families. The two meet a few other groups that are skeptical about this whole game. Why are people getting suspicious? Why are so many markers starting to befriend their prags? What's going on? Theo and Chloe decide to ruin the game, to burn it to the ground. Will Zillow and Crash help?

I love Brindi Quinns writing style! So exciting and to the point. I can totally see this series becoming a movie because while reading it, it played like a movie in my mind!

This series needs to be on your TBR list! especially if you are a fan of the Hunger Games and The Maze Runner!

Zillow Stone in Paradise, Brindi Quinn

"I, Zillow Stone, was above cheap shots. I'd beat him, and I would do it fairly."

After reading Act one: Zillow Stone and The Unholy One, I knew I needed the read the rest of the series! Brindi Quinn, once again, wrote another amazing act! Yes these acts are small but they are so full of excitement, danger, loyalty, betrayal, and so much more!

Act 1 ends with Zillow and Theo completing their task, but running into Zillow's Marker. She and Theo get them self into some trouble and to Zillow's surprise, her marker saves her. Why is he saving her? Zillow always thought it was weird that Theo and his marker, Chloe , couldn't ever kill each other. Will it be the same way with her and her marker? Are they a team now?

"Tomorrow, Zillow Stone, you are going to help me infiltrate paradise."

Zillow Stone in Paradise is so addicting! Quinn knows how to grab the readers attention and keep it until the very end. I read this book in one sitting! I can not wait to start Act 3! I have so many questions about Zillow and her marker!

Hunting The Merrow, Heather Rigney

"I had heard stories of the sirens, mermaids, half -woman, half fish told by many seasoned sailor, but I have never believed a single word - until last night. And not one but five! A veritable pod of women with fish tails, trailing our vessel!"

Hunting The Merrow by Heather Rigney definitely did not disappoint! This book has adventures, secrets, betrayals, friendship, danger, and awesome characters!

Heather has a very unique mind! Yes, she writes about Merrow, which I'm obsessed with, but she does it in such a uniquely, different way. There is a lot of history in her books! You get flashbacks full of history, mermaids, and family secrets! I really enjoyed the family history of the Wasserschutz's! What a shocker!!! My mind was blown! I also found all the info about homoaquatics to be awesome! It made the Merrow seem more real, by comparing them to homosapiens!

This is the second book in the series and it starts off right where Waking The Merrow ends. Evie needs to find her brother after Nomia threatens him and her family. Evie knows he is in danger. She is losing Paddy again because she is so swept up in all this Merrow stuff. She travels to her brother house, and finds the house thrashed and turned upside down. What happened? Nomia offers to help Evie find her brother. It's weird, I would have never thought the two of them would ever pair up together! But they are willing to work together to save the man they both seem to care a lot about. It ends up being a trap. Everyone is in danger.

Evie's family history will shock you! I was totally shocked about Paddy's family history in book one, so hearing about Evie's really surprised me. Oh, and how could I forget Nomia! In this book, we learn so much about her and why she is the person she is. The more I think about this book, the more complex it is, and the more I want to say! I can't ruin the book for you guys though, so you'll have to pick it up and read it for yourself! You won't regret it!

"She intended to destroy me and my entire family, starting with Richard, but something went wrong with the plan. She had fallen in love with my brother."

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Clarity - Book Three, Loretta Lost

"Thanks to him, I am alive. In every way, again. I didn't know I could ever feel this way again. I wouldn't have dared to try."

Book three starts off with excitement right away! When Grayson attacked Loam, he had a gun. Both guys were hurt, one more than the other. After this incident, Helen is officially done with her father and her sister. Liam is all she has. Helen's life is starting to look brighter! She has her eye operation, she can drive, she can see, and Grayson is in a psych ward!

"You must be one of the most beautiful men on the planet." "Whoa, Winter," he says with a laugh. "Slow down! At least give yourself a chance to see other people so that you can compare." "I don't need to see anyone else," I insist with a big smile

Helen is actually happy for once! Until she over hears a secret Liam has been keeping from her. Has their whole relationship been a lie? Why is money so important to Liam?

Loretta Lost made this book the most intense one of the series so far! Helen goes through a lot in this book and puts herself in a life or death situation. I feel like I can talk about this book for ever! I can't though, because I am trying real hard not to tell you guys every detail from the whole book!

I can say that you all definitely need to read this series! IT IS AMAZING!

"Maybe everyone is a monster to some degree."

Clarity - Book Two, Loretta Lost

"You can give me vision, but you can't give me clarity."

Clarity, book 2, is just as amazing as the first book! I find myself wondering why I haven't read these books before! How am I just now discovering Loretta Lost! This book is intense, so freakin intense.

This book starts off right where book one left off. Carmen, Helen's sister, realizes that she is marrying Helen's attacker, Grayson. Yes, you heard me correctly.. Helen's attacker!!!! Liam starts falling for Helen, and just so happens to be the only good thing in her life. Can Liam survive Grayson's threats? How dangerous is Grayson? Is Helen in danger?

"I grew to love Carmen over the years. But I only started seeing her because I saw a tiny bit of your spark in her. Don't you understand? Fucking her was the closest I could get to having you again."

Once again, I am super obsessed with this series and the characters. Liam is so perfect and Grayson is super creepy! The characters are easy to relate to, making it easy to lose yourself in the words. I felt Helen's pain the whole time, and I have sense book one. She is one tough character and I adore her! She deals with being blind, bad family relationships, rape, and other problems. Helen is one of the strongest characters I've ever encountered.

Such an exciting series so far! I haven't even had to use a bookmark yet! Loretta Lost's books are so good, there is absolutely no stopping! 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Clarity - Book One, Loretta Lost

"If I survive this, I inwardly promise myself, I will have to get stronger, somehow. I can never let something like this happen to me again."

I first need to say that this book blew my mind and then just continued to do so! This series has me hooked and obsessed! Loretta Lost has gained a forever fan!

The clarity series, may be a bit sensitive for some, since it does deal with rape. Not every single part of this book is all serious and dark, it has plenty of happy, lovey parts too!

Loretta Lost takes us into the life of Helen Winters. Helen is blind and after a tragic incident, leaves her family, and goes to live in the woods alone. She is disturbed one day by two doctors who want her for a test. They want to give her, her sight back. Helen agrees to go on one condition. The doctor has to drive her to her sister's wedding. Helen's life changes the moment she agrees to go on this road trip with the doctors.

"Stop talking," I whisper. "Seriously, stop talking right now."
"Why?" He says, somewhat hurt at the interruption.
"Because I'm pretty sure that if you keep talking like this... I'll have to marry you, or something."

Who is Dr. Liam and Dr. Owen? Why did they specifically need Helen? Will she really be able to see one day? Is Helen really going to see her family? And why does Carmen's fianc├ęs voice sound so familiar to Helen? Could It be him? Ahhh! So many questions! You have to read this series! It is super intense and will definitely have you on your toes, or pulling your hair out. Whichever you prefer.

Loretta Lost writes so beautifully! Her words were perfect and so vivid! I flew through this book! The ending crushed me! My emotions were everywhere and I didn't know what to do with myself. I fell in love with Loretta Lost's characters and I can't wait to meet them again in book two!

"Think about calm ocean breezes."

Between The Bleeding Willows, D.A. Roach

"Did I believe in ghosts? If you'd asked me two weeks ago, the answer would have been " No way!" But after last weekend - when I saw Jace, my dead boyfriend, at the Blaylock Grove cemetery - everything changed."

D.A. Roach has a beautiful mind! She takes you from our world to a world full of necromancers, casters, demons, ghosts, demon and hunters. This is not your average demon story!

Between The Bleeding Willows is about a girl named Cassidy, who claims to have seen her dead boyfriend, Jace. While trying to catch up to Jace, she falls into the crossover, a portal between two bleeding willow trees. She soon learns that there is a whole world down there. She meets a boy named Killian. She begins to really enjoy the world and the people in it. She does not want to return to her world.

"There's something about you. It feels like hope. Strange way to describe it, but it feels different with you here. It feels better."

There is one problem. Cassidy isn't who she thinks she is. She has powers, her dad is alive, and her mom's ring is very special. Cassidy has no idea what her ring is capable of and what people will do to take it from her. She isn't safe. She isn't safe in either world.

Every book I have read by D.A. Roach has been absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait for book 2! This book was written in two different points of view: Cassidy's and Killian's. I love when books are written in different perspectives. It really allows the readers to have a better understanding of the characters and their actions. Since we are now talking about the characters, I have to say that I love them all! They are all so relatable and have so much personality! 

Curses & Ash, Tiffany Duane

"Once kissed by mermaid venom, thy blood shall flow like the sea."

Tiffany Duane amazes me again! I fell in love so fast with her first book, Coral & Bone. I was so excited to read Curses & Ash! This book definitely did not disappoint!

After killing Asair, Halen returns and everything is different. Daz can no longer sense her, and she can hear Asair in her head. Asair is talking to her. Halen knows she can't let her friends know, they will kill her. Her mom finds out that Asair is inside of her and sends her to a mysterious person, in hopes of purging him. To make matters worse, Natalie, Halen's twin sister, is back, alive and evil. If Dax was Natalie's guardian before, is he now? Is he both Halen's and Natalie's guardian?

"She was curious about the relationship Dax had with her sister, and when she glanced across the hall at Dad's bedroom door, only a few feet from Natalie's, jealousy crept into her thoughts and snuggled up for the evening."

Halen has people telling her that Natalie is bad and others telling her that Dax is bad. She is unsure who to trust. To complicate things a little, Asair really messes with her mind in this book. Natalie, Halen, and Asair, the three blue moon sirens, have a quest to fulfill. Will Halen help? They need her. But what about Dax, her guardian? Can she trust her guardian? But Natalie is her sister.

This book is full of adventures and non stop excitement. After being thrown into this world by accident, Halen begins learning the truth. It has taken her a while, but she starts to see the truth about Dax, the truth about Asair, the truth about Natalie, and even the truth about her father. She really figures everything out in this book and its awesome to see her character develop. She is becoming more confident in herself and independent. The more I think about it, I realize that all the characters have developed and are now more complex. Many risk their lives for one another, deal with deaths, love, and lies. Tiffany Duane's characters are tough, and have to be, to handle everything that is and will be thrown at them.

I really love the world Tiffany Duane has created. So dark but so pretty and magical all at the same time. I get this beautiful eerie feeling, and I love it! Let's talk about the covers here too! They are so beautiful! The faces, the scenery, the accessories, and the eyes! These covers have me drooling over them! But the cover isn't the only beautiful thing. The words in the books are just as beautiful and unique as their covers!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Words of The Week

"Wear the old coat & buy the new book."
- Austin Phelps

The Darkest Lie, Pintip Dunn

"My mother was chaos and passion, devastation and joy. Dad used to say you could reach deep into her eyes and pull out a song. Well, her eyes are closed now, and I'm not sure there'll be any music in my life again."

Pintip Dunn writes a book like one I've never read before! I love being surprised by books. This book grabbed my attention from the first page. Such an exciting mystery story about family, friends, love, death, betrayal, secrets, and loyalty.

Dunn introduces you to Cecilia, a young girl who lost her mother to suicide. Her mother, working the counseling hotline at school, slept with a young boy. When word got out, she committed suicide. Cecilia and her father do not believe it was a suicide. It was murder. Cecilia teams up with a new boy, Sam, to investigate the suicide. The two uncover huge secrets that they should not be messing with. They are in danger. Was Cecilia's mom murdered? Did she really sleep with that kid? Will the truth come out? Or will it get Sam and Cecilia first?

I absolutely enjoyed this book! I went in not knowing what this book was about. I was blown away by the story, the problems, the clues, and the ending! Goodness gracious, the ending! This book was one big wild ride! I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next, what all the clues meant, and what they were leading Cecilia and Sam to!

Everyone needs to read this book! Make sure to add it to your tbr list! You can pre-order it now!

The Darkest Lie hits shelves June 28!

Finding West, June Gray

"I'd only known him a day and a half, and already my body was responding to his like a dog in heat."

Finding West by June Gray is full of romance and mystery! Who would have guessed that someone could fall for a man she doesn't know. For a man who doesn't even know himself.

"Most surprising of all was that it didn't even scare me. He didn't scare me. And I finally understood why: he was completely at a loss. A man wandering around without a clue was about as fearsome as a stray puppy."

Kat, "the hermit from Sommers Lane", brings home a drunk man. She was concerned about him and was only trying to help. To her surprise, this man wakes up the next day with no idea who, where, or what he is. As the days go by, west starts to remember things, but West also starts to fall for Kat. Could remembering ruin what he has with Kat? Could Kat ever love the real him?

Finding West is the first book in a duology. I love duologies! This book is told from two different points of view, Kat's and West's. I really enjoyed hearing the story from both characters point of view, especially West's. This strange man really helps Kat. Yeah, the book is called Finding West, but we also find Kat. Kat develops a lot throughout this book. I enjoyed watching her grow and allowing someone to actually care for her.

While reading I was constantly guessing who West was and trying to figure out where he came from. It was not easy! There weren't many clues throughout the book, until the end. The end really surprised me and I couldn't believe how everyone was connected. I'm really looking forward to book two! Team Kat and Luke for life! 

A Healing Spirit, Melissa A. Hanson

"Mia was special. She had already broken down several of my walls and found a place inside my heart and I knew I'd never be the same again."

Melissa A. Hanson does it again with A Healing Spirit! A Healing Spirit is the second book in the Riverview series. I actually just found out that there is a third book, and I am jumping up and down with joy!

Mia is not as together as her friends are. Bailey and Natasha are both attending school out of state, while Mia is attending the local community college. So, you can only imagine how excited Mia was to plan a ski trip with her friends. While at the resort, Mia is involved in a tragic accident. A boy named Dylan, who works at the resort, is part of the team that gets Mia off the mountain. Since then, Mia can't get Dylan out of her dreams and Dylan can't get Mia off his mind. Who could ever imagine that something so pure and beautiful could come from such a tragic event.

This is one adorable love story that you do not want to miss. It has the perfect amount of love mixed with just the right amount of heart break.

Melissa A. Hanson creates such amazing characters. Each with their own background and intense story. Dylan's story is extremely heartbreaking and will definitely surprise you! Mia and Dylan are perfect! So is Melissa's creative mind! As I said before, everyone needs these books on their shelves!

"Yes, baby?"
"Thank you, for rescuing me. Not once, but twice."  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Healing Heart, Melissa A. Hanson

"The chemistry that was beginning to simmer between us baffled me. Girls did not have this effect on me; it was always the other way around. Having the tables turned didn't sit well."

I first need to say, if any of you are fans of Stephanie Perkins and her 3 cute little love stories, then Melissa A. Hanson is your girl! The Riverview books are cute, romantic, and a little bit heartbreaking at times! They are PERFECT!

I am still speechless. This book tore me open and played my heart strings like a guitar. I cried, then laughed, and then cried some more. I think I mostly cried. It was all good crying though, so don't think the whole book was just sad. I'm a baby so I cry when I'm emotional and this book had me extremely emotional.

Bailey lost her family due to a horrible car accident and is now living with her aunt and uncle. Bailey has really great friends, Mia and Natasha, and family that really cares about her. She babysits a little boy named Riley, and he and his mother have become close to Bailey also. Bailey is still unhappy. She can't sleep, she never smiles, and hates waking up in the morning. Bailey was watching Riley one day and met a boy named Collin. She recognizes him from school. Bailey and Collins lives are forever changed.

"I had an overwhelming need to protect Bailey, to comfort her, wishing that I could take all her hurt and pain away. I didn't like feeling that my thoughts and emotions were no longer mine to control, but that they were now somehow tied up with Bailey."

This is an adorable story about love and the hardships it goes through. At one point, there is a lot trying to pull the two apart. Will their love survive? You have to read this book to find out!

Melissa A. Hanson writes so beautifully. I was in the book with Bailey, feeling Bailey's pain. This book played like a movie right before my eyes. I wrote down so many beautiful quotes from this book! Melissa uses the perfect words, so descriptive and vivid! I am super excited to start A Healing Spirit! Everyone needs these books on their bookshelves.

"You have completely invaded my soul and consumed my heart."

Shattered Blue, Lauren Bird Horowitz

"All Noa knew was she had kissed Callum, and in that kiss, the yoke of her world - of the world entire - changed."

Shattered Blue by Lauren Bird Horowitz is unique and so very different. There's portals, magic, fae, and so much more!

"Even Noa, with her poet's imagination, could not possibly envision a creature as deadly as he: Fae."

We are introduced to a young girl named Noa. Noa lost her sister and it has forever changed her. One day, a young man by the name of Callum starts showing interest in Noa. Noa starts to like this boy but soon realizes something is a bit different with him. Who is he? Where'd he come from? She accidentally touched him one day. What happened next will forever change Noa's life.

"Callum instinctively reached out to catch her, and the instant they connected, the instant they touched for the first time, Noah swore she saw white fire - a spark shot from skin to skin and lit the room. It was intense and ecstatic and incredibly blinding."

Noa learns who Callum is and where he comes from. Callum is from a place called Aurora. He was banished when he was young and there are problems back in his land. Judah, Callum's brother, shows up and with him, so do hunters. Why are there hunters? What did Callum do? Did Judah bring them? Why does Judah like Sasha so much? Is Noa falling for both brothers?

So many questions! So much excitement! I really recommend this book! The ending really surprised me. People were not who they seemed to be and things throughout the book started to all come together and make sense. I love the story and the characters. I am 100% team Callum! I'm anxious to see if this will turn into a love triangle. I love, love triangles!

Shattered Blue is written in three different points of view, which I enjoyed. I love reading books from other peoples perspectives. It really helps you understand and grasp what what character is thinking and feeling. This book did not have your normal chapters, which made me keep reading! Without chapters, I felt like there wasn't a good place to stop. The book is broken into 3 different sections though. Each told by a different character.

I enjoyed all the back ground history on Aurora and I loved the details when describing the different types of fae. Lauren painted nothing but beautiful pictures in my head as I read! Can the second book be done yet? I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trust Me, I'm Lying, Mary Elizabeth Summer

"I love you. I have for years. But so much of who I am is wrapped up in us. I don't know who I am without you."

Mary Elizabeth Summer writes an extremely suspenseful, exciting read! This book was full of clues, excitement, death, mysteries, love, friends, betrayals, and secrets! What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, a great set of characters you might say? Summer gives us that as well! Can I also say that I LOVE, love triangles, and this cover!

We meet our main character, Julep, who is a sophomore in highschool. Julep is not your average sophmore. she is a con artist, also called a gifter, and comes from a family of them.

"For the newbies out there, a gifter is a person who specializes in selling people something that doesn't exist."

Her mom left when she was 8 years old, so her dad is all she has. So when she comes home from school to see that her dad has been taken, she is more determined than ever to figure it all out. Is Julep's dad alive? What did he do? Can Julep save her dad? Julep teams up with her best friend Sam, and her new friend Tyler to solve the mystery. To their surprise, they are getting themselves deep into problems that they never imagined could be possible.

Trust me, I'm Lying was so fun to read! It is not too often you are able to sit down and read a really good, exciting, YA mystery book. I am eager for more and can't wait to read the next book in the series. The ending of this book blew my mind. I guess it wasn't even just the ending. The whole thing blew my mind. There were multiple situations throughout the book that I just couldn't believe. It really kept me reading because I needed to get to the bottom of the mystery, just as Julep needed to.

I really recommend this book! There aren't many books out there like this, and I know it is very refreshing to pick up a book that is completely different from any other book you've read before.         

Siren Suicides, Ksenia Anske

Siren Suicides is a fun, exciting read that takes you into a land where sirens exist, siren hunters roam, relationships aren't perfect, and love is true.

"How about you become a siren and torture his soul with your songs, never killing him, holding him by a thread on the precipice of dying,as long as you want to. Watch him squirm and plead like a worm."

Ksenia Anske takes us into the mind of Ailen, a young girl who lives with her dad. I have to tell you guys that I was totally reading Alien, instead of Ailen, for the first half of the book! haha. But back to business, Ailen's mom left her 6 years ago and she has been living with her abusive dad since. She has a rough life and has thought about ending it many times. Her dad doesn't deserve her.

Ailen decides to take a bath one morning in hopes that she will be able to take her own life. She nearly succeeds! She is taken on a crazy adventure where sirens are real and are hunting her. Ailen, who turned into a siren after death, made the others really angry. To make matters worse, her best friend and dad are people you would never imagine them to be. Ailen is in danger. Will her father kill her? Who is Hunter really? Is she safe? Is this even real? Is Ailen dead?

"Babies are my favorite; their souls are so sweet, sweeter than candy."

Ksenia Anske wrote an amazing story! The ending was shocking! It was hard to write this review without giving anything major away. Anske's books all have beautiful covers! I drool over all of them! I can not wait to read more by this lovely author.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Dimple of Doom, Lucy Woodhull

"What colour were his hazel eyes today? Glancing up, I slid into hormone heaven. He stood, eyes mossy green pools of sensual seductiveness, and offered me the Garden of Eden apple."

Lucy Woodhull introduces us to Samantha. Samantha has fallen for a man who also goes by the name of Sam. Samantha and Sam work in the same building. The two of them decided to sneak away to Samantha's bosses office. Oliver's office was completely empty and the two of them knew they could mess around and maybe hump a little in there and not get caught. Did Sam have other intentions though? Sam knew exactly what he was doing. Same knew that there was a secret room in Samantha's boss's office. Sam knew that there was an extremely valuable painting in there, and Sam knew that he was going to steal it. Samantha gets pulled into an adventure she did not ask to be a part of. Police are now looking for her, and claim that she has been kidnapped. People are after Sam and Samantha, and they are on the run. Why did Sam steal the painting? Did Oliver steal the painting first? Why were people trying to kill her? Samantha does not know who to trust. All she does know is that she likes Sam and he is fantastic in bed.

"The dimple chose that moment to come out and play. Oh, Sam - lets retire to the supply room and hump. It had been so long since I had humped anyone."

Lucy Woodhull wrote a cute, exciting, fun read. This book had me wondering who actually stole the painting and where the real painting was. I never knew who had a fake painting and who had the real one. I found myself always trying to figure out if Sam was good or bad! This book put a fun twist on a mystery story. This book is really fast paced and gets down to business right from the beginning.

If you are sitting here wondering what happened to Sam, or who the actual thief was, you will need to pick up this book for yourself! Happy reading!

Winter's Bride, Nellie C. Lind

"Her heart was set on him, and her love was so powerful that she was unable to fall in love with someone else. He knew what awaited her if he let her go. She would go on with her life, but she would remain alone and sad for as long as she lived."

Winter's Bride by Nellie C. Lind is now one of my all time favorite books! I can't even begin to describe how unique and exciting this story was! The characters were all super awesome and I have never read another book that was close to this one. This story is completely different than anything else you have ever read. It is very refreshing!

In this book you meet a young woman named Dawn. She lives at home with her family, and has currently turned down multiple offers of marriage because she is in love with an elder, the Winter Lord. In Dawn's world there is a lord or lady for each season: summer, spring, winter, and fall. These lords are known as the elders, and they are here to help the world. The Winter Lord receives terrible news and due to drastic life changes, he now needs to find a wife. One day, the Winter Lord had spots Dawn, and is completely intrigued by her. He then realizes how much Dawn loves him, and how long she has been in love with him. This changes everything for Dawn. The Winter Lord now wants her. The Winter Lord will ask for her hand in marriage. There is something odd about the Winter Lord though. Why does he want Dawn all of a sudden? He doesn't love her. Why is her love and devotion so important to someone who doesn't love her in return? What is he hiding?

"He is a winter being, Dawn. It's not in his nature to be emotional, but you have done something to him, and from where I'm standing, it seems to be for the better."

The elders have many secrets and ceremonies that Dawn does not know about. Passing by a room one day, Dawn learns about a secret that the Winter Lord has been keeping from her. This secret is about her. This secret means life or death. Once Dawn discovers this, everything changes. Can the Winter Lord and Dawn survive this? Will their relationship get past this? All Dawn knows, is that she can not get pregnant. And then it happens. She is pregnant. Can the Winter Lord save her? Can the Winter Lord love her?

The Winter's Bride is so well written. I love every minute of this book. I stayed up until 5 am in the morning because I could not go to sleep until I finished this AMAZING story. This book is full of heart break, love, magic, friendship, secrets, royalty, jealousy, and loyalty! Once again, I have never read anything like this before, and I am in awe. I can not believe how good this book was and I will talk about this book forever! It is all I can think about at the moment. The second book, will not come soon enough. Nellie C. Lind's words were perfectly chosen. Her words flowed flawlessly into my mind and played through it, like I was watching it happen, right before my eyes. I can honestly say that everyone needs to read this book!

"I'm not royal."
"No, you're perfect."

Monday, June 20, 2016

Cloak of Echoes, C.K. Dawn

"The shadows may be real, but we still have time."

C.K. Dawn takes us into a world where Camelot descendants are alive, netherwalkers are real, and danger lurks!

What would you do if your mom left you a letter that you could only open once you turned 17? Emma, the main character, has been seeing shadow creatures, hearing voices, and having bad dreams. could this all me connected? who was her mom and what happened to her?

"Come to us Emma, you are one of us, the king's words bounced around in her skull as he stared at her floating there in the morning sky."

Emma soon begins to notice a mysterious new guy at school, Mattox Daniels. Mattox knows all about Emma, and the letter her mom had left her. Mattox is a shepard, a descendant of Camelot and the knights of the round table, and so is Emma. Emma accepts her destiny. Emma is a Shepard.

"Somehow touching mattox had cloaked the echos. Her mind had become deaf to everyone's emotions and it was beautiful."

C.K. Dawns writing style is amazing! I loved the words, I loved the characters, and I loved the situations. That means, I basically loved everything! I can't believe how good this short story was. It makes me feel really excited to read book 1. I can't get enough of Emma, the netherwalkers, and the descendants of Camelot! Such an awesome world, such awesome writing, and such an awesome author!         

Sunday, June 19, 2016

IA: B.O.S.S., John Darryl Winston

"His only son ... the ultimate lab rat."

IA: B.O.S.S. is the second book in the IA series, by John Darryl Winston. This book opens with a scene of Naz and Cory trying to get away from people who are after Cory. This mean that Naz and his dad had a relationship at one point! So why can't Naz remember?

"It is the only way to keep you safe ... and we will be together again ... and you will remember ... When the time is right.

Naz is starting to find out that he is good at a lot of things. He ends up making the basketball team with some of his friends.
Naz even starts to like a girl. A mysterious girl that goes by the name of D. Everything changes when the IA gang starts targeting Naz's friends just to get to him. The death of two people very close to him, is what makes Naz decide to get to the bottom of IA.

In this book, we see more into Naz's past, and finally learn what has happened to his memories! We also get more information about Naz's parents and a family secret of Meri's is exposed.

I can honestly say that John Darryl Winston has done it again! This book answered almost every question that the first one gave me. It was so awesome seeing the two books come together and finally making sense. I can't wait for the third book in the series. Union.

The book ends with Naz starting to gain control of his powers. The book ends with Naz starting to remember.

IA: Initiate, John Darryl Winston

"He liked to call himself naz because he read in the bible that Samson was a Nazarite, and part of being a Nazarite meant never cutting one's hair."

John Darryl Winston takes you into the Exclave, where Naz and Meri live. Naz and Meri are foster children. Naz has no memory of his father. Meri saw her mother die. Naz is not your average kid. He sees a therapist, hears voices, and has horrible sleep walking episodes. Why is Naz so different? Is something wrong with Naz? Out of no where, a gang begins following Naz. Is it because Naz is different? The gang goes by, IA, and they have their eyes set on Naz. Maybe this has something to do with his dad? Who was his dad?

I knew very little about this series before I read it. This series completely surprised me! This book was a bit slower than the second book, but still totally awesome! Throughout the book, the author gives you little bits of the past. The past shows us scenes and situations featuring Cory and Camille, Naz's parents. These flashbacks are extremely important and helpful to the story. The book and characters are so complex, I'm amazed. Naz and Meri do not have the greatest pasts, but why can't Naz remember it?

IA: Initiate by John Darryl Winston is a super exciting read! Your mind will be all over the place trying to figure out what is really going on. Such a creative and well thought out story!         

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Oleah Chronicles: Truth, Michelle Johnson

"An Oleah could be described as a creature with a combination of human and lion features."

What do you do when you find out that you are a princess from an unknown place? When your parents have been hiding things from you, your whole life? Angel starts having weird dreams and feeling icy chills whenever this strange new guy is around. Who is this strange new guy? What do her dreams mean? To Angel's surprise, the new boy, Zander, has all her answers. Zander  admits to being an Obiri and is the one to tell Angel that she is an Oleah. They are in danger. Angel is being hunted. Angel belongs in Uforika, so why is she on Earth? Why have her parents never explained any of this? Why don't they like Zander? Angel is in for the surprise of her life. Her whole world is about to be turned upside down. She has powers that she has never imagined. 

"It was in that moment that I saw the fear in her eyes. I was stronger than she was and she knew it. Her magic didn't work on me." 

When you pick up Oleah Chronicles: Truth, you are in for a wild ride. This book is exciting right from the start. There is never a dull moment in this story and it was so fast paced, that I couldn't stop reading. Michelle Johnson takes you into an amazing world, where people turn into lions, vampire exists, magic is real, and danger is everywhere. 

This story is extremely unique and I've never read anything like it. Michelle Johnson is amazing! I can't wait to read book 2! 

"I cannot change what I've done in my past. Only the present and the future will reveal to you where my heart truly lies."

Affairytale, C.J. English

 "The man you are destined to be with is still out there."

Affairytale by C.J. English is not your average fairy tale! This is her memoir! This is her personal fairytale! C.J. went to a psychic when she was 19. The psychic had told her that her current boyfriend,Levi, was not the one. C.J. didn't listen. She now has a kid with Levi, but loves another man. Grant. C.J. battles with her head and her heart throughout the whole book. She can't stay in an abusive relationship with someone she doesn't love. She can't stay with Grant, while she is wearing a ring, promising her to Levi. So what will C.J. do? You will have to read Affairytale for yourself to find out! 

"Giving up grant wasn't as easy as I thought it would be - not like giving up lutefisk for lent, this was like giving up real food during a famine."

C.J. English wrote the perfect fairytale, or should I say, lived the perfect fairy tale? I feel like its not very fair of me to call it perfect though. She actually lived through this and I'm sure, in the moment, this situation was far from perfect. I feel like everything worked out how it should with though! It was a brilliant story and I really enjoyed it. The characters and the situations were so real. This book was easy to relate to because this is what real life is. Real life is not all perfect and dandy all the time. People struggle, people make mistakes, and sometimes people marry the wrong people. You can not go through life unhappy. A person needs to make changes and rid their lives of the things that are negative. 

This story means so much more to me knowing that it is real. C.J. English is a strong woman and I'm so happy that she got her happy ending. She got her fairytale that she had always wanted. This book is real, this book is amazing, and this book is one you won't want to miss.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Torn, Kate Sparkes

"I closed my eyes. Magic. For so many years I had dreamed about it, imagining it was something as beautiful as what I'd read about in old stories instead of the abomination my people told me it was."

I absolutely loved Bound, so I was extremely excited to start reading Torn. Kate Sparkes has such a creative mind. Her magical world is so detailed and her characters are amazing. We learn more and more about the characters as the book goes on. We are even introduced to a few new characters! Torn definitely does not disappoint!

Torn starts exactly where Bound left off. Rowan is safe in Belleisle, trying to learn how to control her magic. Aren leaves her there, in order to embark on his own journey. Aren needs to find his father in order to bring Severn's reign to an end. Rowan gets news of her family and allows herself to be led into a trap and captured by hunters. Aren, of course, changes his plans to go find Rowan. Let the adventure begin!

"I loved you before you had control of your magic. But there's something incredibly attractive about you as a true Sorceress."

I love Aren! He is changing for Rowan and you can really see it, in this book. This book is full of adventure, secrets, betrayal, love, friendship, and new bonds. Rowan and Aren can't trust anyone, not even family. There are a few surprises throughout this book as well! I can't believe how complex the story has become and how perfect it is tying together!

"Blood doesn't mean much. Most of my worst enemies are family members."

Many people find big thick books intimidating, but I love them! These books are huge and full of excitement. There is not one boring part! I was always on the edge of my seat, reading like it was the last book I'll ever read. Kate Sparkes had me so deeply involved with the story and the characters. It is going to be very hard for me to wait to see what happens. I need to get my hands on the third book. If you haven't read this series, you are definitely missing out on something really great.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

After Death, Jacqueline E. Smith

"Michael had always thought that seeing ghosts was stressful. Those wandering spirits were nothing compared to whatever women had going through their heads at all odd hours of the day."

Michael gets a mysterious letter inviting him and two guests to Mr. Van Dalen's circus. Michael, Kate, & Luke arrive and right away realize something odd is going on. The circus is definitely haunted. But why?

Smith invites you into another amazing, spooky world full of ghosts, circus acts, fires, rivalries, blackmail, and love. Smith's writing style sucks you in and consumes you whole. The circus is absolutely amazing and so many other ghost hunters and mediums are there. Why were all these other people invited? What is going on?

I was blown away with how this book came together at the end! So complex and creative. This was a fun, creepy little series that I absolutely loved! I highly recommend it. For that matter, I highly recommend anything and everything Jacqueline E. Smith writes!

Between Worlds, Jacqueline E. Smith

"How'd you manage to keep something like this a secret for so long?"

After Michael jumped in front of the bullet for Kate, his life has never been the same. He realized how much he cares for the girl, and the world now realizes his secret. Michael Sinclair can see ghosts. This made Michaels life a bit difficult. Kate's parents didn't like him, he lost his job, and a lot of people now thing he is creepy. Except for his friend Luke. Luke has been trying to get Michael on his show 'Cemetery Tours' for years now! When Michael agrees to tag along with Luke and his show, they travel to Stanton Hall in Maine. The group is in for a wild ride. Sterling is the Stanton Hall ghost. Sterling is not happy.

Between Worlds is full of mysteries, surprises, ghosts, anger, love, and myths. I truly felt like I was watching a ghost show on TV while I was reading. The words bounced from the page and played like a TV show in my mind. Which I absolutely loved, by the way. Once in danger, the characters all come out of their shells and really start to understand one another and work together. Gavin really opened up in this book, which was really cool. I love these characters and will be starting book three today!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cemetery Tours, Jacqueline E. Smith

"Leviticus, chapter twenty, verse twenty-seven. 'Now a man or a woman who is a medium or who consults the spirits of the dead shall surely be put to death."

Jacqueline E. Smith does it again!!! I absolutely love her Boy Band series, so I was extremely excited to start The Cemetery Tours. While reading, you are taken into the world of Michael, who can see and talk to ghosts.

One day, Michael's apartment building gets new tenants. Michael becomes friends with Kate and Gavin, his new neighbors. Michael gets a really weird feeling around Gavin and does not understand why he is being haunted. Kate can sense the ghost too, but the only person who believes her is Michael. Michael didn't expect to fall in love and Kate didn't expect to discover the secrets of her family and the secrets of her past.

"Why couldn't she shake the dreadful feeling that she wasn't alone?"

This is an exciting book about friendship, family, ghost hunts, adventures, betrayal, and love! You will not believe what Kate's family is hiding and the type of adventure she, Michael, and Luke go on.

Once again, Jacqueline's characters are super awesome and relatable. There is something so special about her writing and her characters that has me hooked for life! I can't wait to start book two in the series!

The Need, S.L. Hannah

"It's easy for someone who looks as good as she does in black lacy underwear to talk like that. She doesn't understand that girls like me always have limits, and always will."

The Need by S.L. Hannah is extremely amazing in a seriously creepy, disturbing way. I couldn't stop reading.

Right away we are introduced to Angie, who is waiting for her boyfriend, Erik. Angie ends up going home with a mysterious woman named Heather. Angie finds herself lusting over this woman and agrees to spend the weekend with her. When Angie wakes up, she is tied to the bed and being held against her will. Heather introduces Angie to many different types of sex toys and many different ways of pleasing someone. Angie loves it and hates it. Angie wants to escape but Angie wants to stay. What about Erik? Angie learns that Heather is up to something fishy. Heather isn't just keeping Angie her for pleasure, there's a deeper meaning. Why is Heather always filming? Is Heather keeping more women here? Is Erik here? Why would Heather want Erik?

"Erik's face swims in her eyes."

S.L. Hannah knows exactly how to grab the reader and pull them into the book with the characters. As I said above, I could not stop reading. I knew this book had more to it. I just couldn't figure it out. I couldn't figure out what Heather was up to. But when I did, it blew my mind!

If you like to be kept on the edge of your seat, always wondering what will happen next, then this book is for you! Just keep in mind, it is a erotic thriller. Erotic.

Frey, Melissa Wright

"He hunts the human children, luring them in with glitter and lights, and eats them, beginning with their tiny little toes."
"Humans aren't real."

Frey by Melissa Wright is short, exciting book about elves and magic. Wright takes you into a world where trees are homes to elves, the forest is full of mysteries, and magic can be either light or dark.

This book is about a young elf named Frey, who lives with her aunt Frannie. Frey finds some of her mother's old nick knacks in Frannie's room. Somehow, Frey, binds herself to her mothers pendant. Frey also almost kills a girl who has been bullying her. How is Frey doing this? Frey is not, and has never been in control of her magic.

The council members consider this to be dark magic and are now after Frey. She is scared and flees. She runs into a group of people willing to train her and help. These people know Frey's history and what happened to her mother. Who was Frey's mom? Why is there a bind on Frey's magic? Why does the council want Frey dead? You will have to read this book and figure it out for yourself!

"I'd never known a book to lie."

This book grabbed your attention right away by introducing you to Vattier. He was always lurking about like he was up to no good. It was hard for me to relate to the main character. Frey wasn't as strong and confident as I would have liked her to be, but with the situation she is in, it is understandable. This is the first book out of the Frey Saga. If you love elves and magic this saga is for you!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dying To Live, Vincent J. Monteleone

"The eight-year-old version of me would actually be disgusted with the man I grew up to be."

Dying To Live by Vincent J. Monteleone is completely amazing! I have no idea where to start with this book. This book is not a book I would normally read, but I definitely do not regret it. This book changed my life. 

The main character, Brendon, is diagnosed with cancer and it's a huge eye opener. Brendon now realizes that he wasn't living right. Happiness is more important than money, and he used to believe the opposite. This book is basically him looking back on his life and learning from what he did wrong. He is going to start truly living and being happy while he still can. While he has time. 

"It doesn't matter how nice that expensive watch looks on your wrist if you don't know how to tell time correctly. It doesn't matter how much money you have, if it costs you too much to make it."

I feel like I cant talk about what this book was exactly about, because I think it is more about what you learned from the book. It is about what you took from it and how you will, like Brendon, learn to live. 

Vincent J. Monteleone put his heart and soul into this book and you can definitely tell! Each chapter is like a flash back, a life lesson. There is something new to learn in each chapter. His writing was friendly, which made each experience relatable. After reading you will look at your life, relationships, time, and money differently. I highly recommend this book.

"I did not understand the reason for life because I was not living life the right way."

Friday, June 10, 2016

Rarity, D.A. Roach

"You and me...honestly, I don't know what we are. Friends? Damsel in distress and Knight in shinning armor? Classmates? Nothing?"

Honestly, I have no idea where to start with this book. Rarity by D.A. Roach reminded me a little of A Walk To Remember. Everyone likes that movie! Meaning that everyone will love this book! 

Rarity is an extremely cute, somewhat irritating, heart warming story about true love overcoming something difficult. 
Brogen, the main character, meets a boy named Jay. Jay is extremely mysterious and won't allow himself to get attached to Brogen. Brogen is empathic, and can sense energies. She frequently feels that something is wrong around Jay. Why does Jay like her one day and not the next? What is wrong with Jay? Will Brogen be able to help him?

 I really want to go into detail about what is wrong but I don't want to spoil anything! It's so hard not to though! D.A. Roach wrote an amazing book and addressed a topic that I have never heard of until now. I feel like this book was not only a cute little love story, but also an educating one. I feel like I have learned quite a bit once I was done reading. Back to the story though! I really loved the characters and how much background each one was given. The reader easily sees how each character's past has effected their present. The book takes place in highschool, so you see the drama, the hook ups, homecoming, bullying, and more. This book is so much more than your normal high school love story! I really recommend this book. Everyone needs this book in their life. 

"You've changed something in me jay. It's all right here, proof that my life is better with you in it."

Zillow Stone & The Unholy One, Brindi Quinn

"You are that pink flower, Zillow," my grandfather told me. "And one day, the black rose will come for you."

Zillow and the Unholy one by Brindi Quinn is a super fun, exciting read! As I was reading it gave me a Hunger Games feel. If you are a fan of The Maze Runner or The Hunger Games, these books are for you! 

Zillow, "a mondo badass loner", is a 19 year old girl who fears turning 20. Where Zillow is from, when a person turns 20 they have the possibility of becoming a prag. Being a prag means that you were marked, and the chase is now in motion. Prags spend every hour of every day running from their markers/the unholy ones. Many never return. It's a game. 

"Catch me if you can, away I'll run, run,run. You'll never lay a haaand, the chase is so much fun!"

To Zillow's surprise there are safe houses and people willing to help prags. But how do you know where to go and who to trust? All that is for certain is that once the mark on your hand turns red, the unholy knows exactly where you are. How are you supposed to run when you're being tracked? How are you supposed to run when the tracker is inside your own hand? 

I didn't know what to expect when reading this book. I knew it would be a quick read because the book comes in 3 separate acts. It is very fast paced and left me wanting more. The author wasted no time in getting the story started. There was nothing but action and excitement from the very first word to the very last. I am really looking forward to the next books. Brindi Quinn makes you love the chase. 

"I, Zillow Stone, was a marked one, and I was going to win." 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Isle, Jes Dory

"During a blue moon a child will be born. She will become the hidden child and emerge from the ashes of darkness."

When I started reading this book, I had no idea what it was about. I didn't even read the synopsis. I was surprised at the world Jes Dory created! Such a dark, magical world. Full of secrets, lies, death, powers, love, anger, family, enemies, friendship, betrayal, and bounds. What more does a book need? Awesome creatures and a great story, you might say! Well, this book has awesome creatures, a great story, and so much more!!

What do you do when your aunt is constantly moving you different places? When you find out things about your past that don't make since? What happens when your family history just doesn't add up? Nora is in for a crazy surprise the day her aunt moves her back to Stone Isle. Nora learns that she is destined for greatness. She is the girl that the island has been waiting for. she is the girl from the prophecy. she is the daughter of a lamian and the daughter of a sireni.

"The weight of the world was swallowing me and my heart ached, beating as though to tear itself apart."

I absolutely loved this book! I loved the story, the characters, the personalities, the creatures, the darkness, and just about everything! There is so much going on in this book. There is not a good time to ever put this book down. I can't wait for the second book! Jes Dory has an amazing mind and I crave more of this world she welcomed me in to.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Become, Skye Malone

"I dropped below the water, and kicked away from the sea floor. The change raced through me, disintegrating my clothes and transforming my legs into a tail."

Become was the last book in The Awakened Fate series! This was such an exciting read! Full of betrayal, suspense, love, friendship, death, royalty, and secrets. I had to read this book in one sitting because I had to know what was going to happen next! I could not put it down. 

Chloe, Zeke, and Noah returned to the ocean. Yes, I did say Noah! Let's just say that Chloe's powers are growing more and more each day. Almost everyone in the ocean are their enemies. How do you trust? Who do you trust? Can Zeke and Chloe even trust their parents? Yes, we do meet Chloe's real dad in this book! But that is all I can say! Who he is will shock you! You will have to read the book for yourself to know how their final plan went, along with their final battle! You will also find out who Chloe picks! Yay for love triangles!! 

Skye Malone is amazing! I still can't figure out how she created all the creatures she did! They were awesome creatures and characters! Each and every character had their own unique personality and I fell in love with all of them. Not Noah's cousins though. This book wasn't just your average mermaid book. There were actually other creatures hunting mermaids for once, instead of your usual human vs. Mermaid story. 

I'm very sad this series is over, but Skye Malone informed me that something exciting is coming!!! Woohooo!!! I really recommend this series.