Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Healing Heart, Melissa A. Hanson

"The chemistry that was beginning to simmer between us baffled me. Girls did not have this effect on me; it was always the other way around. Having the tables turned didn't sit well."

I first need to say, if any of you are fans of Stephanie Perkins and her 3 cute little love stories, then Melissa A. Hanson is your girl! The Riverview books are cute, romantic, and a little bit heartbreaking at times! They are PERFECT!

I am still speechless. This book tore me open and played my heart strings like a guitar. I cried, then laughed, and then cried some more. I think I mostly cried. It was all good crying though, so don't think the whole book was just sad. I'm a baby so I cry when I'm emotional and this book had me extremely emotional.

Bailey lost her family due to a horrible car accident and is now living with her aunt and uncle. Bailey has really great friends, Mia and Natasha, and family that really cares about her. She babysits a little boy named Riley, and he and his mother have become close to Bailey also. Bailey is still unhappy. She can't sleep, she never smiles, and hates waking up in the morning. Bailey was watching Riley one day and met a boy named Collin. She recognizes him from school. Bailey and Collins lives are forever changed.

"I had an overwhelming need to protect Bailey, to comfort her, wishing that I could take all her hurt and pain away. I didn't like feeling that my thoughts and emotions were no longer mine to control, but that they were now somehow tied up with Bailey."

This is an adorable story about love and the hardships it goes through. At one point, there is a lot trying to pull the two apart. Will their love survive? You have to read this book to find out!

Melissa A. Hanson writes so beautifully. I was in the book with Bailey, feeling Bailey's pain. This book played like a movie right before my eyes. I wrote down so many beautiful quotes from this book! Melissa uses the perfect words, so descriptive and vivid! I am super excited to start A Healing Spirit! Everyone needs these books on their bookshelves.

"You have completely invaded my soul and consumed my heart."

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