Friday, June 24, 2016

A Healing Spirit, Melissa A. Hanson

"Mia was special. She had already broken down several of my walls and found a place inside my heart and I knew I'd never be the same again."

Melissa A. Hanson does it again with A Healing Spirit! A Healing Spirit is the second book in the Riverview series. I actually just found out that there is a third book, and I am jumping up and down with joy!

Mia is not as together as her friends are. Bailey and Natasha are both attending school out of state, while Mia is attending the local community college. So, you can only imagine how excited Mia was to plan a ski trip with her friends. While at the resort, Mia is involved in a tragic accident. A boy named Dylan, who works at the resort, is part of the team that gets Mia off the mountain. Since then, Mia can't get Dylan out of her dreams and Dylan can't get Mia off his mind. Who could ever imagine that something so pure and beautiful could come from such a tragic event.

This is one adorable love story that you do not want to miss. It has the perfect amount of love mixed with just the right amount of heart break.

Melissa A. Hanson creates such amazing characters. Each with their own background and intense story. Dylan's story is extremely heartbreaking and will definitely surprise you! Mia and Dylan are perfect! So is Melissa's creative mind! As I said before, everyone needs these books on their shelves!

"Yes, baby?"
"Thank you, for rescuing me. Not once, but twice."  

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