Saturday, June 4, 2016

Aerisia: Land Beyond The Sunset, Sarah Ashwood

"Is it possible to reinvent yourself into someone you've never met, never known, never even heard of before? Someone from history? Someone from legend? Someone from prophecy? Someone with magic?"

If you enjoyed the Lord of the Rings or The Shannara chronicles then Aerisia is perfect for you!

Aerisia: Land beyond the sunset by Sarah Ashwood is extremely fast paced and never boring. Sarah takes you to a place where moon people exist, magic is real, danger is out there, and water defies gravity. 

This book is about a girl named Hannah. She is getting ready for a huge family event when she sees a wizard type guy in her neighbors yard. He begins talking to her and calling her 'The Artan'. He takes her, against her will, to his world, Aerisia. Here in Aerisia, Hannah is destined for greatness. She is the one that will save their world. They have been watching her for years and it is time she came to help them fight. Hannah struggles with their ways, the people themselves, and her importance on Aerisia. 

I was surprised how much details and background information Sarah Ashwood put into the story. Her writing is so descriptive and creative! You will learn about the world, the council, and Hannah's destiny. The characters and their names are all so unique and fun to read about. This story is amazing and its fun watching Hannah's progress. Her attitude on her situation changes greatly near the end of the book. 

Land Beyond the Sunset is book one out of three from The Sunset Lands Beyond Trilogy. I really hope I get my hands on the other two books soon!

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