Saturday, June 18, 2016

Affairytale, C.J. English

 "The man you are destined to be with is still out there."

Affairytale by C.J. English is not your average fairy tale! This is her memoir! This is her personal fairytale! C.J. went to a psychic when she was 19. The psychic had told her that her current boyfriend,Levi, was not the one. C.J. didn't listen. She now has a kid with Levi, but loves another man. Grant. C.J. battles with her head and her heart throughout the whole book. She can't stay in an abusive relationship with someone she doesn't love. She can't stay with Grant, while she is wearing a ring, promising her to Levi. So what will C.J. do? You will have to read Affairytale for yourself to find out! 

"Giving up grant wasn't as easy as I thought it would be - not like giving up lutefisk for lent, this was like giving up real food during a famine."

C.J. English wrote the perfect fairytale, or should I say, lived the perfect fairy tale? I feel like its not very fair of me to call it perfect though. She actually lived through this and I'm sure, in the moment, this situation was far from perfect. I feel like everything worked out how it should with though! It was a brilliant story and I really enjoyed it. The characters and the situations were so real. This book was easy to relate to because this is what real life is. Real life is not all perfect and dandy all the time. People struggle, people make mistakes, and sometimes people marry the wrong people. You can not go through life unhappy. A person needs to make changes and rid their lives of the things that are negative. 

This story means so much more to me knowing that it is real. C.J. English is a strong woman and I'm so happy that she got her happy ending. She got her fairytale that she had always wanted. This book is real, this book is amazing, and this book is one you won't want to miss.

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