Wednesday, June 15, 2016

After Death, Jacqueline E. Smith

"Michael had always thought that seeing ghosts was stressful. Those wandering spirits were nothing compared to whatever women had going through their heads at all odd hours of the day."

Michael gets a mysterious letter inviting him and two guests to Mr. Van Dalen's circus. Michael, Kate, & Luke arrive and right away realize something odd is going on. The circus is definitely haunted. But why?

Smith invites you into another amazing, spooky world full of ghosts, circus acts, fires, rivalries, blackmail, and love. Smith's writing style sucks you in and consumes you whole. The circus is absolutely amazing and so many other ghost hunters and mediums are there. Why were all these other people invited? What is going on?

I was blown away with how this book came together at the end! So complex and creative. This was a fun, creepy little series that I absolutely loved! I highly recommend it. For that matter, I highly recommend anything and everything Jacqueline E. Smith writes!

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