Saturday, June 4, 2016

Becoming, Debra Kristi

Becoming: The Balance Bringer is another amazing book by the talented Debra Kristi!

The Balance Bringer is about a young girl, Ana, who lives a completely normal life. She goes to highschool, she gets bullied, she kind of likes a boy, she is really close with her sister, and she had bad dreams. Who would have known that these dreams would some how connect her to her heritage and begin showing her pieces of who she is and where she belongs!

Ana begins to realize that her life is not what it seems. Her mother and her friend Ry have been lying to her, her whole life. Ana and her sisters were born for something greater than themselves.

"There is always only one. The other two die in order for the one to fulfill her destiny"

Ana and her sisters do not belong in this world. Ana has to watch as her life changes and people die. She struggles with her destiny and who she needs to become. Her mother an immortal warrior and her father a fae, Ana is destined for greatness.

"Maybe I'll wake up in the morning and find this was all a bad dream."
"None of this is a dream, you know. You're really here, and so am I."
"Did he just read my thoughts?"

After reading Debra's Moorigad Dragon Collection, I was extremely excited to read Becoming! Debra's writing style is so creative and unique. She is always able to grab me and keep me until the very last page. My mind is once again blown away, by the awesome world Debra Kristi brought me in to! The characters were awesome and so easy to relate to at times. I can not wait for the next book in this series!

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