Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Between Worlds, Jacqueline E. Smith

"How'd you manage to keep something like this a secret for so long?"

After Michael jumped in front of the bullet for Kate, his life has never been the same. He realized how much he cares for the girl, and the world now realizes his secret. Michael Sinclair can see ghosts. This made Michaels life a bit difficult. Kate's parents didn't like him, he lost his job, and a lot of people now thing he is creepy. Except for his friend Luke. Luke has been trying to get Michael on his show 'Cemetery Tours' for years now! When Michael agrees to tag along with Luke and his show, they travel to Stanton Hall in Maine. The group is in for a wild ride. Sterling is the Stanton Hall ghost. Sterling is not happy.

Between Worlds is full of mysteries, surprises, ghosts, anger, love, and myths. I truly felt like I was watching a ghost show on TV while I was reading. The words bounced from the page and played like a TV show in my mind. Which I absolutely loved, by the way. Once in danger, the characters all come out of their shells and really start to understand one another and work together. Gavin really opened up in this book, which was really cool. I love these characters and will be starting book three today!

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