Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Black Bead, J.D. Lakey

"Do you understand that her gift is the gift of chaos? That her luck is as unpredictable as the wind and must be guarded against?"

Black Bead by J.D. Lakey was a short, awesome, sci-fi read! Lakey created a magical world where kids were made, covens are real, packs are formed, alphas exist, and many cool creatures roam! A few of the creatures that stood out the most were glasslizards, fuzzies, dubeh leopards, and spiders!

Tam was sent out to find his pack. Megan, a girl known for turning down everyone, says yes to Tam on one condition.. he had to choose Cheobawn too. Cheobawn was too young to be in a pack, but to her surprise she was allowed to go. The pack was warned that something was wrong with Cheobawn and she had failed her choosing day psi test. But did she fail on purpose? Does Cheobawn really know what she is doing? Cheobawn is the ear of her pack and a damn good one. She is only 6 years old and just as powerful as the 12 year olds. She could possibly be more powerful? The pack sets off on their journey, their foraging foray, and are in for a journey of their life.

"The sun can set, the moon can rise, and the forest can go back to being no fit place for human, man or child."

J.D. Lakey is so creative! After reading Black Bead and being introduced to Cheobawn, I want more! I would love to talk more about the book, but I can't give too much away! I really enjoyed the characters and how much they grew together. They work very well together now, at the end. While traveling through the forest, many things happen to the kids. The way Lakey described their adventures and the creature they saw was out of this world. I can only imagine what kind of creatures we will see in the future and what the pack will look like! From here on out, the pack can only get stronger! 

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