Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cemetery Tours, Jacqueline E. Smith

"Leviticus, chapter twenty, verse twenty-seven. 'Now a man or a woman who is a medium or who consults the spirits of the dead shall surely be put to death."

Jacqueline E. Smith does it again!!! I absolutely love her Boy Band series, so I was extremely excited to start The Cemetery Tours. While reading, you are taken into the world of Michael, who can see and talk to ghosts.

One day, Michael's apartment building gets new tenants. Michael becomes friends with Kate and Gavin, his new neighbors. Michael gets a really weird feeling around Gavin and does not understand why he is being haunted. Kate can sense the ghost too, but the only person who believes her is Michael. Michael didn't expect to fall in love and Kate didn't expect to discover the secrets of her family and the secrets of her past.

"Why couldn't she shake the dreadful feeling that she wasn't alone?"

This is an exciting book about friendship, family, ghost hunts, adventures, betrayal, and love! You will not believe what Kate's family is hiding and the type of adventure she, Michael, and Luke go on.

Once again, Jacqueline's characters are super awesome and relatable. There is something so special about her writing and her characters that has me hooked for life! I can't wait to start book two in the series!

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