Saturday, June 25, 2016

Clarity - Book One, Loretta Lost

"If I survive this, I inwardly promise myself, I will have to get stronger, somehow. I can never let something like this happen to me again."

I first need to say that this book blew my mind and then just continued to do so! This series has me hooked and obsessed! Loretta Lost has gained a forever fan!

The clarity series, may be a bit sensitive for some, since it does deal with rape. Not every single part of this book is all serious and dark, it has plenty of happy, lovey parts too!

Loretta Lost takes us into the life of Helen Winters. Helen is blind and after a tragic incident, leaves her family, and goes to live in the woods alone. She is disturbed one day by two doctors who want her for a test. They want to give her, her sight back. Helen agrees to go on one condition. The doctor has to drive her to her sister's wedding. Helen's life changes the moment she agrees to go on this road trip with the doctors.

"Stop talking," I whisper. "Seriously, stop talking right now."
"Why?" He says, somewhat hurt at the interruption.
"Because I'm pretty sure that if you keep talking like this... I'll have to marry you, or something."

Who is Dr. Liam and Dr. Owen? Why did they specifically need Helen? Will she really be able to see one day? Is Helen really going to see her family? And why does Carmen's fianc├ęs voice sound so familiar to Helen? Could It be him? Ahhh! So many questions! You have to read this series! It is super intense and will definitely have you on your toes, or pulling your hair out. Whichever you prefer.

Loretta Lost writes so beautifully! Her words were perfect and so vivid! I flew through this book! The ending crushed me! My emotions were everywhere and I didn't know what to do with myself. I fell in love with Loretta Lost's characters and I can't wait to meet them again in book two!

"Think about calm ocean breezes."

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