Sunday, June 26, 2016

Clarity - Book Three, Loretta Lost

"Thanks to him, I am alive. In every way, again. I didn't know I could ever feel this way again. I wouldn't have dared to try."

Book three starts off with excitement right away! When Grayson attacked Loam, he had a gun. Both guys were hurt, one more than the other. After this incident, Helen is officially done with her father and her sister. Liam is all she has. Helen's life is starting to look brighter! She has her eye operation, she can drive, she can see, and Grayson is in a psych ward!

"You must be one of the most beautiful men on the planet." "Whoa, Winter," he says with a laugh. "Slow down! At least give yourself a chance to see other people so that you can compare." "I don't need to see anyone else," I insist with a big smile

Helen is actually happy for once! Until she over hears a secret Liam has been keeping from her. Has their whole relationship been a lie? Why is money so important to Liam?

Loretta Lost made this book the most intense one of the series so far! Helen goes through a lot in this book and puts herself in a life or death situation. I feel like I can talk about this book for ever! I can't though, because I am trying real hard not to tell you guys every detail from the whole book!

I can say that you all definitely need to read this series! IT IS AMAZING!

"Maybe everyone is a monster to some degree."

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