Sunday, June 26, 2016

Clarity - Book Two, Loretta Lost

"You can give me vision, but you can't give me clarity."

Clarity, book 2, is just as amazing as the first book! I find myself wondering why I haven't read these books before! How am I just now discovering Loretta Lost! This book is intense, so freakin intense.

This book starts off right where book one left off. Carmen, Helen's sister, realizes that she is marrying Helen's attacker, Grayson. Yes, you heard me correctly.. Helen's attacker!!!! Liam starts falling for Helen, and just so happens to be the only good thing in her life. Can Liam survive Grayson's threats? How dangerous is Grayson? Is Helen in danger?

"I grew to love Carmen over the years. But I only started seeing her because I saw a tiny bit of your spark in her. Don't you understand? Fucking her was the closest I could get to having you again."

Once again, I am super obsessed with this series and the characters. Liam is so perfect and Grayson is super creepy! The characters are easy to relate to, making it easy to lose yourself in the words. I felt Helen's pain the whole time, and I have sense book one. She is one tough character and I adore her! She deals with being blind, bad family relationships, rape, and other problems. Helen is one of the strongest characters I've ever encountered.

Such an exciting series so far! I haven't even had to use a bookmark yet! Loretta Lost's books are so good, there is absolutely no stopping! 

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