Monday, June 20, 2016

Cloak of Echoes, C.K. Dawn

"The shadows may be real, but we still have time."

C.K. Dawn takes us into a world where Camelot descendants are alive, netherwalkers are real, and danger lurks!

What would you do if your mom left you a letter that you could only open once you turned 17? Emma, the main character, has been seeing shadow creatures, hearing voices, and having bad dreams. could this all me connected? who was her mom and what happened to her?

"Come to us Emma, you are one of us, the king's words bounced around in her skull as he stared at her floating there in the morning sky."

Emma soon begins to notice a mysterious new guy at school, Mattox Daniels. Mattox knows all about Emma, and the letter her mom had left her. Mattox is a shepard, a descendant of Camelot and the knights of the round table, and so is Emma. Emma accepts her destiny. Emma is a Shepard.

"Somehow touching mattox had cloaked the echos. Her mind had become deaf to everyone's emotions and it was beautiful."

C.K. Dawns writing style is amazing! I loved the words, I loved the characters, and I loved the situations. That means, I basically loved everything! I can't believe how good this short story was. It makes me feel really excited to read book 1. I can't get enough of Emma, the netherwalkers, and the descendants of Camelot! Such an awesome world, such awesome writing, and such an awesome author!         

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