Saturday, June 25, 2016

Curses & Ash, Tiffany Duane

"Once kissed by mermaid venom, thy blood shall flow like the sea."

Tiffany Duane amazes me again! I fell in love so fast with her first book, Coral & Bone. I was so excited to read Curses & Ash! This book definitely did not disappoint!

After killing Asair, Halen returns and everything is different. Daz can no longer sense her, and she can hear Asair in her head. Asair is talking to her. Halen knows she can't let her friends know, they will kill her. Her mom finds out that Asair is inside of her and sends her to a mysterious person, in hopes of purging him. To make matters worse, Natalie, Halen's twin sister, is back, alive and evil. If Dax was Natalie's guardian before, is he now? Is he both Halen's and Natalie's guardian?

"She was curious about the relationship Dax had with her sister, and when she glanced across the hall at Dad's bedroom door, only a few feet from Natalie's, jealousy crept into her thoughts and snuggled up for the evening."

Halen has people telling her that Natalie is bad and others telling her that Dax is bad. She is unsure who to trust. To complicate things a little, Asair really messes with her mind in this book. Natalie, Halen, and Asair, the three blue moon sirens, have a quest to fulfill. Will Halen help? They need her. But what about Dax, her guardian? Can she trust her guardian? But Natalie is her sister.

This book is full of adventures and non stop excitement. After being thrown into this world by accident, Halen begins learning the truth. It has taken her a while, but she starts to see the truth about Dax, the truth about Asair, the truth about Natalie, and even the truth about her father. She really figures everything out in this book and its awesome to see her character develop. She is becoming more confident in herself and independent. The more I think about it, I realize that all the characters have developed and are now more complex. Many risk their lives for one another, deal with deaths, love, and lies. Tiffany Duane's characters are tough, and have to be, to handle everything that is and will be thrown at them.

I really love the world Tiffany Duane has created. So dark but so pretty and magical all at the same time. I get this beautiful eerie feeling, and I love it! Let's talk about the covers here too! They are so beautiful! The faces, the scenery, the accessories, and the eyes! These covers have me drooling over them! But the cover isn't the only beautiful thing. The words in the books are just as beautiful and unique as their covers!

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