Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Descend, Skye Malone

"She was safer out there, safer with her own kind. I hated it, but it was true."

I can not tell you how awesome it was to dive back into Skye Malone's world! After reading the first book, I knew I couldn't stay away from the others.

Malone's world is so magical with many different types of creatures. That is the biggest problem for Noah and Chloe. Noah, being a greliaran, and with Chloe being a dehaian; the two can never be together.

Chloe runs to Zeke's underwater world of Nyciena, after being poisoned in the first book. She learns that the Sylphaen will stop at nothing to capture her. Zeke thinks she will be safe with him, but he is wrong. The Sylphaen have spies and traitors among Zeke's people. No one can be trusted and no one can be safe.

I absolutely adore Skye Malone's writing style and basically everything about this book! She has a very creative mind and throws exciting surprises at the reader! Bring on book three!

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