Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dying To Live, Vincent J. Monteleone

"The eight-year-old version of me would actually be disgusted with the man I grew up to be."

Dying To Live by Vincent J. Monteleone is completely amazing! I have no idea where to start with this book. This book is not a book I would normally read, but I definitely do not regret it. This book changed my life. 

The main character, Brendon, is diagnosed with cancer and it's a huge eye opener. Brendon now realizes that he wasn't living right. Happiness is more important than money, and he used to believe the opposite. This book is basically him looking back on his life and learning from what he did wrong. He is going to start truly living and being happy while he still can. While he has time. 

"It doesn't matter how nice that expensive watch looks on your wrist if you don't know how to tell time correctly. It doesn't matter how much money you have, if it costs you too much to make it."

I feel like I cant talk about what this book was exactly about, because I think it is more about what you learned from the book. It is about what you took from it and how you will, like Brendon, learn to live. 

Vincent J. Monteleone put his heart and soul into this book and you can definitely tell! Each chapter is like a flash back, a life lesson. There is something new to learn in each chapter. His writing was friendly, which made each experience relatable. After reading you will look at your life, relationships, time, and money differently. I highly recommend this book.

"I did not understand the reason for life because I was not living life the right way."

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