Friday, June 24, 2016

Finding West, June Gray

"I'd only known him a day and a half, and already my body was responding to his like a dog in heat."

Finding West by June Gray is full of romance and mystery! Who would have guessed that someone could fall for a man she doesn't know. For a man who doesn't even know himself.

"Most surprising of all was that it didn't even scare me. He didn't scare me. And I finally understood why: he was completely at a loss. A man wandering around without a clue was about as fearsome as a stray puppy."

Kat, "the hermit from Sommers Lane", brings home a drunk man. She was concerned about him and was only trying to help. To her surprise, this man wakes up the next day with no idea who, where, or what he is. As the days go by, west starts to remember things, but West also starts to fall for Kat. Could remembering ruin what he has with Kat? Could Kat ever love the real him?

Finding West is the first book in a duology. I love duologies! This book is told from two different points of view, Kat's and West's. I really enjoyed hearing the story from both characters point of view, especially West's. This strange man really helps Kat. Yeah, the book is called Finding West, but we also find Kat. Kat develops a lot throughout this book. I enjoyed watching her grow and allowing someone to actually care for her.

While reading I was constantly guessing who West was and trying to figure out where he came from. It was not easy! There weren't many clues throughout the book, until the end. The end really surprised me and I couldn't believe how everyone was connected. I'm really looking forward to book two! Team Kat and Luke for life! 

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