Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Frey, Melissa Wright

"He hunts the human children, luring them in with glitter and lights, and eats them, beginning with their tiny little toes."
"Humans aren't real."

Frey by Melissa Wright is short, exciting book about elves and magic. Wright takes you into a world where trees are homes to elves, the forest is full of mysteries, and magic can be either light or dark.

This book is about a young elf named Frey, who lives with her aunt Frannie. Frey finds some of her mother's old nick knacks in Frannie's room. Somehow, Frey, binds herself to her mothers pendant. Frey also almost kills a girl who has been bullying her. How is Frey doing this? Frey is not, and has never been in control of her magic.

The council members consider this to be dark magic and are now after Frey. She is scared and flees. She runs into a group of people willing to train her and help. These people know Frey's history and what happened to her mother. Who was Frey's mom? Why is there a bind on Frey's magic? Why does the council want Frey dead? You will have to read this book and figure it out for yourself!

"I'd never known a book to lie."

This book grabbed your attention right away by introducing you to Vattier. He was always lurking about like he was up to no good. It was hard for me to relate to the main character. Frey wasn't as strong and confident as I would have liked her to be, but with the situation she is in, it is understandable. This is the first book out of the Frey Saga. If you love elves and magic this saga is for you!

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