Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's Got A Ring To It, Mia L. Heintzelman

"Okay I was intrigued. He might have been charming, but Ted Bundy was charming."

Its got a Ring to it by Mia L. Heintzelman is a super cute, heart warming story about find love after heart break.

The main character, Laila, is helping her sister plan her wedding. It is a little hard to plan a wedding when you are constantly gets calls from people trying to reach a man named Myles. Laila doesn't know a Myles. Who is Myles? Laila is furious that this man keeps giving her phone number out to people like it is his own. What happens when the two actually come face to face in a wedding dress boutique? What happens when they meet again a few days later? Is Myles who Laila expected him to be?

"A kiss with a complete stranger, though nothing about it felt strange."

What happens when Laila's ex comes back? Is he really back? This story is extremely intense and always has you wondering what will happen next and who Laila will end up with! There are so many secrets and surprises!

"It was one thing to worry about broken hearts, but a whole other level of agony to stew over the weighted meaning of broken condoms."

Mia L. Heintzelman wrote the perfect love story! This story is extremely relatable and the characters were individually as well. Laila is very easy to relate to, because at times, we all want to let our ex back in. We all, also, have our own dirty little secrets. I love the way Mia writes and I now need to read more by this author. I think you all should too!

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