Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jarod's Heart, Elise Manion

Jarod's Heart by Elise Manion is way more than just your average love story. This book is filled with drug lords, murders, and constant surprises.

Jarod is a sheriff in his town who has never payed much attention to his secretary Lauren. That all changed one day.

"And then it dawned on him,not in an epiphany sort of way,but more like a punch to the gut: Lauren Lockwood was an extremely beautiful woman."

Jarod is still a bit scarred from his previous wife and their relationship. It is hard for him to love, but he does find himself thinking about Lauren more and more. One day a little girl appears out of no where, along with terrible news. Jarod will soon learn that the drug crimes occurring in his town are bigger than he ever imagined. How could this small girl be involved? Why does Jarod get stuck with her? Will Jarod ever tell Lauren how he feels? Everyone knows Lauren has loved him since forever! You will have to read Jarod's Heart for the answers!

Elise Manion really surprised me! I was expecting a love story, and all the mystery and crime just popped out of no where. This book was exciting and grabbed my attention and held it til the very last page. Jarod's Heart is a part of the The Kings Brother series and I look forward to reading more! The characters were so awesome and caring. They were like one big happy family! Well.. the King's family is huge, so they were mainly all family. Jarod and Lauren's relationship was extremely relatable! It is always cute when friends fall in love.

This book is definitely a must read!

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