Monday, June 6, 2016

Kalifus Rising, Alane Adams

"A single act of bravery can change rust to gold."

Alane Adams does it again, with the second book in the Legends of Orkney series.

After breaking the red sun curse, and releasing the Volgrim Witches, Sam is now expected to get to Catriona and stop the war. This time, Sam has the help of his friends. Odin brought them back to Orkney because they are the chosen ones. Keely was gifted by Mimir with visions on how to end the war. Will Sam's friends succeed? Will the witches bring Sam to the dark side? Will Catriona turn Sam against Odin and the chosen ones? What will happen when Lady Abigail returns?

"My name is Kalifus. I have no family, no loyalty other than to my coven. I have one purpose, one mission: serve the witches."

Keely was definitely my favorite throughout this book, but I have a soft spot for Howie too. They have both become so brave and courageous since the first book. Adams characters are brought to life and are so fun to read about. It is nice seeing them change and grow throughout these books. I can't wait for the third book to come out in 2017!

"Friends stand together," he said, "to the end."

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