Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shattered Blue, Lauren Bird Horowitz

"All Noa knew was she had kissed Callum, and in that kiss, the yoke of her world - of the world entire - changed."

Shattered Blue by Lauren Bird Horowitz is unique and so very different. There's portals, magic, fae, and so much more!

"Even Noa, with her poet's imagination, could not possibly envision a creature as deadly as he: Fae."

We are introduced to a young girl named Noa. Noa lost her sister and it has forever changed her. One day, a young man by the name of Callum starts showing interest in Noa. Noa starts to like this boy but soon realizes something is a bit different with him. Who is he? Where'd he come from? She accidentally touched him one day. What happened next will forever change Noa's life.

"Callum instinctively reached out to catch her, and the instant they connected, the instant they touched for the first time, Noah swore she saw white fire - a spark shot from skin to skin and lit the room. It was intense and ecstatic and incredibly blinding."

Noa learns who Callum is and where he comes from. Callum is from a place called Aurora. He was banished when he was young and there are problems back in his land. Judah, Callum's brother, shows up and with him, so do hunters. Why are there hunters? What did Callum do? Did Judah bring them? Why does Judah like Sasha so much? Is Noa falling for both brothers?

So many questions! So much excitement! I really recommend this book! The ending really surprised me. People were not who they seemed to be and things throughout the book started to all come together and make sense. I love the story and the characters. I am 100% team Callum! I'm anxious to see if this will turn into a love triangle. I love, love triangles!

Shattered Blue is written in three different points of view, which I enjoyed. I love reading books from other peoples perspectives. It really helps you understand and grasp what what character is thinking and feeling. This book did not have your normal chapters, which made me keep reading! Without chapters, I felt like there wasn't a good place to stop. The book is broken into 3 different sections though. Each told by a different character.

I enjoyed all the back ground history on Aurora and I loved the details when describing the different types of fae. Lauren painted nothing but beautiful pictures in my head as I read! Can the second book be done yet? I can't wait!

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