Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Siren Suicides, Ksenia Anske

Siren Suicides is a fun, exciting read that takes you into a land where sirens exist, siren hunters roam, relationships aren't perfect, and love is true.

"How about you become a siren and torture his soul with your songs, never killing him, holding him by a thread on the precipice of dying,as long as you want to. Watch him squirm and plead like a worm."

Ksenia Anske takes us into the mind of Ailen, a young girl who lives with her dad. I have to tell you guys that I was totally reading Alien, instead of Ailen, for the first half of the book! haha. But back to business, Ailen's mom left her 6 years ago and she has been living with her abusive dad since. She has a rough life and has thought about ending it many times. Her dad doesn't deserve her.

Ailen decides to take a bath one morning in hopes that she will be able to take her own life. She nearly succeeds! She is taken on a crazy adventure where sirens are real and are hunting her. Ailen, who turned into a siren after death, made the others really angry. To make matters worse, her best friend and dad are people you would never imagine them to be. Ailen is in danger. Will her father kill her? Who is Hunter really? Is she safe? Is this even real? Is Ailen dead?

"Babies are my favorite; their souls are so sweet, sweeter than candy."

Ksenia Anske wrote an amazing story! The ending was shocking! It was hard to write this review without giving anything major away. Anske's books all have beautiful covers! I drool over all of them! I can not wait to read more by this lovely author.  

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