Monday, June 27, 2016

Still Life, A.M. Johnson

It is hard not to lose yourself in Still Life by A.M. Johnson! This story is so deep and the characters are so real!

Johnson introduces us to three best friends: Elizabeth, Todd, and Cameron. One day, Todd gets a new roommate. A really cute, Navy Seal roommate named Sawyer. Elizabeth falls for Sawyer, just as fast as he falls for her.

"I'm not sure if its the alcohol or the pure drug of her I was high on, but I was unable to stop myself from needing her one moment longer."

Sawyer and Elizabeth have a lot of things going against their relationship. Todd loves Elizabeth which makes everything hard, and Elizabeth and Sawyer do not have the prettiest pasts. The two of them have seen death, lots of death, and abuse. Can they make it through? Can their relationship survive? What happens when Sawyer's past returns and puts Elizabeth in danger? Can he ever live with himself? For all these answers and more, you need to go pick up a copy of Still Life!

This was A.M. Johnson's debut novel! I expected this novel to be good but not this good! I was really surprised with the story line and the ending! Oh my gosh.. the ending!!!! Johnson is such a beautiful writer! Her words had me crying, laughing, freaking out, pulling my hair out, and much more! Such an emotional story, but so worth it.

It was amazing to see the main characters grow throughout the book. They all really matured and allowed others in for help when needed. Such a beautiful love story between two people with such ugly pasts. I am eager to start book 2, Still Water! 

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