Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Still Water, A.M. Johnson

"I didn't know what was happening, but this chick was consuming me, lighting me on fire, and burning down every solid wall I had ever built. I couldn't want something this bad; I couldn't have another person tear down my world."

Book one, Still Life, was amazing! I had no idea how A.M. Johnson was going to top it, but it looks like she did! Still Water is so emotional and full of love, heartbreak, secrets, and much more drama!

Book two of the Forever Still series focuses on Todd more than any one else. It starts right where the first book left off, with Sawyer's and Liz's wedding. Todd is a complete mess. Todd has loved Liz his entire life and is completely broken. All he wants is for someone to feel that way about him and be able to love that person back. Todd had pushed other girls away because of Liz. Todd moved away from Liz, and began working at a bar/record label. Out of the blue, a girl named Lily starts working there too. Todd is immediately head over heals for her. Lily is not a simple girl. She has her own history in this town, and just so happens to know a man that Todd works with. Todd falls in love with her anyway, he can't help it. Todd feels really refreshed to be thinking about Lily now, instead of Liz. But what happens when Todd's old fling comes back into his life? The news she has for Todd is shocking! Can Todd and Lily get over this? Is their fresh, new relationship strong enough to handle this?

"I'd never had anything better, and I knew the minute my lips tasted her... She was going to be my new addiction."

I am in love with this series! I love how book one focused more on Liz and now book two is about Todd. I am excited to see what book three has in store for me. This series really is so amazing and Johnson is such a beautiful writer! Still Water had my emotions flying off the pages and all around the room!

You need this series in your life!

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