Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Dimple of Doom, Lucy Woodhull

"What colour were his hazel eyes today? Glancing up, I slid into hormone heaven. He stood, eyes mossy green pools of sensual seductiveness, and offered me the Garden of Eden apple."

Lucy Woodhull introduces us to Samantha. Samantha has fallen for a man who also goes by the name of Sam. Samantha and Sam work in the same building. The two of them decided to sneak away to Samantha's bosses office. Oliver's office was completely empty and the two of them knew they could mess around and maybe hump a little in there and not get caught. Did Sam have other intentions though? Sam knew exactly what he was doing. Same knew that there was a secret room in Samantha's boss's office. Sam knew that there was an extremely valuable painting in there, and Sam knew that he was going to steal it. Samantha gets pulled into an adventure she did not ask to be a part of. Police are now looking for her, and claim that she has been kidnapped. People are after Sam and Samantha, and they are on the run. Why did Sam steal the painting? Did Oliver steal the painting first? Why were people trying to kill her? Samantha does not know who to trust. All she does know is that she likes Sam and he is fantastic in bed.

"The dimple chose that moment to come out and play. Oh, Sam - lets retire to the supply room and hump. It had been so long since I had humped anyone."

Lucy Woodhull wrote a cute, exciting, fun read. This book had me wondering who actually stole the painting and where the real painting was. I never knew who had a fake painting and who had the real one. I found myself always trying to figure out if Sam was good or bad! This book put a fun twist on a mystery story. This book is really fast paced and gets down to business right from the beginning.

If you are sitting here wondering what happened to Sam, or who the actual thief was, you will need to pick up this book for yourself! Happy reading!

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