Monday, June 6, 2016

The Red Sun, Alane Adams

The Red Sun by Alane Adams is very fast paced and extremely exciting! Adams mixes creatures from her imagination with Norse mythology. This gives us the  beautifully creative, fascinating world of Orkney, along with the other 8 realms.

What happens when your teacher is turned into a lizard? When a dwarf appears out of no where to warn you that your life is in danger and gives you a Norse stone? What do you do when you know you are being watched? Sam has had some crazy days lately and he has no idea why.

Sam soon learns that his mom has been lying to him and that he is so much more than he can ever dream to be. His dad, Robert, descended from Odin, while his mom, is a witch. This means that Sam needs to pick a side. But it is not that simple. While discovering who he needs to be, he is faced with saving his friends from an evil witch, and trying to stop the curse of the red sun. What side will Sam choose? Can he save both the sun and his friends?

Alane Adams created such an amazing world! It was so fun to read and be apart of! She created so many different creatures and monsters. We had the pleasure of being introduced to Iolars, dwarfs, a shun kara, wraiths, akkars, biters, rathos, omeras, shreeks , gods, and witches. This was such an awesome story! I will be starting the second one as soon as I finish this review!

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