Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trust Me, I'm Lying, Mary Elizabeth Summer

"I love you. I have for years. But so much of who I am is wrapped up in us. I don't know who I am without you."

Mary Elizabeth Summer writes an extremely suspenseful, exciting read! This book was full of clues, excitement, death, mysteries, love, friends, betrayals, and secrets! What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, a great set of characters you might say? Summer gives us that as well! Can I also say that I LOVE, love triangles, and this cover!

We meet our main character, Julep, who is a sophomore in highschool. Julep is not your average sophmore. she is a con artist, also called a gifter, and comes from a family of them.

"For the newbies out there, a gifter is a person who specializes in selling people something that doesn't exist."

Her mom left when she was 8 years old, so her dad is all she has. So when she comes home from school to see that her dad has been taken, she is more determined than ever to figure it all out. Is Julep's dad alive? What did he do? Can Julep save her dad? Julep teams up with her best friend Sam, and her new friend Tyler to solve the mystery. To their surprise, they are getting themselves deep into problems that they never imagined could be possible.

Trust me, I'm Lying was so fun to read! It is not too often you are able to sit down and read a really good, exciting, YA mystery book. I am eager for more and can't wait to read the next book in the series. The ending of this book blew my mind. I guess it wasn't even just the ending. The whole thing blew my mind. There were multiple situations throughout the book that I just couldn't believe. It really kept me reading because I needed to get to the bottom of the mystery, just as Julep needed to.

I really recommend this book! There aren't many books out there like this, and I know it is very refreshing to pick up a book that is completely different from any other book you've read before.         

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