Monday, June 27, 2016

Zillow Stone Must Die, Brindi Quinn

"The marking was an exchange - my participation for Western City's energy, my sacrifice for my city's survival."

Act 3 is the best one yet!

Zillow Stone and her marker are still together! Her marker tells her to call him by his name, Crash. They get to know each other, and crash learns that prags weren't raised to be hunted, they actually have lives and families. The two meet a few other groups that are skeptical about this whole game. Why are people getting suspicious? Why are so many markers starting to befriend their prags? What's going on? Theo and Chloe decide to ruin the game, to burn it to the ground. Will Zillow and Crash help?

I love Brindi Quinns writing style! So exciting and to the point. I can totally see this series becoming a movie because while reading it, it played like a movie in my mind!

This series needs to be on your TBR list! especially if you are a fan of the Hunger Games and The Maze Runner!

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