Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Raven Trilogy: The First Journey by Melka Stansah

-Goodreads Synopsis-
Raven has lived as an outcast his entire life. When secrets are revealed to him, his world is turned upside down.

No mother, no father, he now stands alone.

His quest for revenge leads him on a path beyond his wildest dreams.

Filled with self discovery, love and heart-ache - this book will be sure to make you laugh and cry.

Will Raven find the answer he is looking for?

"You have both your father's and mother's eyes. Your topaz eye meants you have something that I don't"
"Which is what?"
"Power." Nicholas replied. "You have enormous power inside you, Raven That power belonged to your father, power that is even greater than mine."

First things first, Melka Stansah is a huge Adam Lambert fan! Probably the biggest Lambert fan I have ever seen! I knew this about her as soon as I saw her social media pages, and thought it was super awesome. I too, really enjoy Adam Lambert's music. When I first opened the book, I was not surprised to see that this book was inspired by, and dedicated to, the one and only ADAM LAMBERT! Oh, and after talking with the author, I found out that she was actually able to give Adam a copy!! How cool is that?!! Now that my little rant is over, we can start talking about the book!

The First Journey by Melka Stansah was a very exciting story full of secrets, battles, magic, love, friendship, heartbreak, corpixes, and most of all.. REVENGE. Raven goes on a long hard journey in hopes of seeking revenge. To find out what kind of revenge, and on who, you will have to pick up a copy of this book and read it for yourself! Stansah paints such a magical, crazy world in her readers minds! It was easy to see that Lambert inspired this book. Lambert is very colorful, vivid, and unique.. just like this book! The people, the places, the items, and the words, are all so beautifully described and perfectly used. Stansah picked the perfect words to use while writing this book. It is as if she carefully thought out each word, one by oe, to make sure that each is worthy to be in such a lovely story. This book would make the perfect movie and it is safe to say, that Stansah has a brilliant mind!

The First Journey stood out to me as soon as I began reading the first page. Raven's journey is definitely not an easy one, but he slowly begins finding himself and the truth about his family. I really enjoyed watching Raven grow and deal with his history and, what could be, the start of his new life. Stansah gives Raven a lot of background history and unique characteristics. Stansah's reasoning behind giving the boy 2 totally different eyes is pretty crazy. It is his eyes that makes him special though. It makes him who he is, and more specifically.. what he is. Raven also begins falling for a random woman, who he did not mean to save, let alone, meet.

"Who can stop love? Once it fills one's heart, it overflows with unstoppable dreams and relentless hope."

I really recommend this series! I was drowning in this book until I reached the very last page. It was only until the very last word that I was able to come out of the book for air.  I can't wait for the second book!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Celestial Kiss by Belle Celine

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Seventeen year old Lilith is a misfit in the most literal sense of the word. She is a half-human creature, imprisoned among vampires that tout themselves as family. But Lilith has never wanted anything so badly as to be normal, living like one of the humans who often come to her father’s home seeking eternal life. And she’s never wanted to escape her ex-boyfriend more than the day he rips out a woman’s heart.

So she does the unthinkable. She runs away with no plan, no money, and no regrets…until she is bitten and captured by werewolves who insist she is a threat to the very humans she wants to be like. Now she has to face the bitter reality that she has run from one prison to another, nothing more than a pawn in their game.

To make matters worse, she only has until the next full moon to find a cure for the werewolf bite that tethers her to a grisly fate.

Caught in a tug of war between the vampires and werewolves, Lilith is forced to question everything she’s ever known. But she isn’t alone in her journey. The very man whose bite could end her life is willing to do most anything to make it right, and Lilith can’t be sure whether she’s falling in love with him.

One thing is for certain…no one is giving up without a fight.

"The greatest of oaths offer a physical seal. They are preserved with a kiss or sworn in blood. When we fall in love, it is a commitment we make, not only to another person, but to the creator. That covenant is sealed with a kiss- a celestial kiss."
"A bite." he nodded. "Much like the one on your shoulder."

I had no idea what to expect when I first opened The Celestial Kiss by Belle Celine. To be honest, I did not even know the book was even about vampires. I remember reading the first few pages and thinking that Lilith was the name of a demon on the show Supernatural! haha! As I read further I learned that Lilith was in fact a vampire, and then I began to realize that her name was extremely fitting.

Belle Celine has written my absolute favorite vampire verses werewolf book! This book easily rose to the top of my list, with my favorite books. The story line was so different and unique. I have said it before, and ill say it again.. my absolute favorite books are books that are different than your normal, every day stories. I have never read a book like this one.

Lilith is something extremely special, and no one seems to know just how special she is. Every one can see how different she is, but they are unaware of what really lies inside of her. While staying with the King and Queen of the werewolves, Lilith learns a lot about herself, vampires, and werewolves. The history between the werewolves and vampires is so in depth and complex. I was completely blown away by the fact that all this information had actually come from Belle's mind. I continued to blow away when Belle threw us all a big curve ball and gave us a little more information about Lilith, her family, and her ancestors! Belle gave me all these awesome facts and mysteries and then at the end of the book she slammed them all together in front of my face and left me shocked.

Belle described her characters so realistically that It was easy to feel their pain and their happiness. I enjoyed watching the characters grow, fall in love, and learn. You will quickly learn to hate Xian, but the werewolf family will surprise you. I did not like the werewolves at first! I was extremely unsure about James' family, but halfway through the book I had a change of heart. That is when I realized how much I absolutely love this book. James' and Lilith's relationship is what sets this book above and beyond other books. You can't forget the Celestial Kiss! The kiss has a lot to do with how unique this book is as well. Actually, now that I think about it.. the kiss is basically everything! The kiss is so important!

Belle Celine has gained a huge fan, and I can not wait until she releases the sequel. I need to know what happens next and I have no idea how I am going to make myself wait because I am not a very patient person! With all that said.. you guys need this book in your life. Picking up this book will not be something you regret.

The Bloodless Assassin by Celine Jeanjean

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Being Damsport’s most elegant assassin is hard work. There’s tailoring to consider, devilish poisons to concoct, secret identities to maintain… But most importantly, Longinus must keep his fear of blood hidden or his reputation will be ruined. So when Rory, a scrawny urchin girl, threatens to expose his phobia unless he teaches her swordsmanship, he has no choice but to comply.

As if being saddled with a dirty, grammatically incorrect girl isn’t bad enough, a copycat assassin begins to imitate Longinus’ kills and threatens both his and Rory’s lives. Arguments have to be set aside, and Longinus and Rory are forced to work together to unmask and stop the copycat. But darker forces than they realise are at play, and with time running out, the unlikely duo find themselves the last line of defence against a powerful enemy who seeks to bring the city of Damsport to its knees.

"It was always a pleasure to kill."

The Bloodless Assassin by Celine Jeanjean was not what I expected at all. This book went above and beyond my expectations and I was easily swept up into Celine's characters and her world. The Bloodless Assassin is full of secrets, betrayal, friendship, mysteries, and death. While reading, there was not a single moment that I found myself bored or uninterested. This book is one exciting adventure/mystery after another!

My first impression of this book was that it was going to be about a young girl, an assassin, who just goes around town assassinating people. I had no idea that it was going to be about an assassin trying to find his impersonator. Don't get me wrong, yes there was killing in this book, but not as much as I thought there would be. Celine Jeanjean did not write your average assassin story and I think that is what I enjoyed the most about this book. I absolutely love reading books that are different. I have a huge spot in my heart for books that are not the typical stories you read and hear about.

Celine's mind is so colorful and vivid that her characters automatically pop out of the pages and come to life. Rory and Jake's relationship is easy to relate to. We all know how it feels to be used and betrayed at some point in our life. Longinus and Rory's relationship is completely unexpected, and my favorite. These two grew so much in the book, and it was awesome to see the two learn to work together for a greater cause. Longinus us a very deep and complex character, which I never expected. Learning about his background and history with his family and sister blew my mind! I could not believe what I was reading but at the same time, it explained so much about his characters.

I am so glad that this book is not a stand alone and that there are more in the series. I can not wait to jump back into Celine's world. It took me a while to start this book, but once I started I knew there would be no stopping! I really recommend The Bloodless Assassin.

"Death should always be silent"

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oleah Chronicles: Justice by Michelle Johnson

- Goodreads Synopsis-
After discovering the truth about her Oleah origins, Angel thought she could still have a normal life, consisting of normal things – like her seventeenth birthday party. But there is no such thing as normal for Angel anymore. She learned that the hard way after Sindrell – the most powerful sorceress in the universe - crashed her party, destroyed the city, and took her best friend, Julie, captive. Determined to defeat Sindrell for good, Angel must risk her life, along with the fate of the entire universe to get Julie back…alive. The only way she can do this successfully, is to embrace her Oleah instincts and learn what it takes to become a true warrior. Problem is, Sindrell has an insurance policy of her own that will put millions of lives in danger - including Zander’s - to ensure her quest for power is brought to fruition. One way or another. In order to protect Zander, and save Julie, Angel has to make a choice... but will it be the right one? 

"You are my anchor. If you never came into my life, I would forever be floating in darkness." He shook his head, closing his eyes for a moment, collecting himself before he continued.
"Sometimes, you don't realize you're broken until someone brings you the piece that's been missing in your life. You are my missing piece, Princess. Going back to a world that you're not in, is not an option. My life belongs to you."

Michelle Johnson writes another completely awesome book! I absolutely loved the first book, so I am so happy that I was able to read the second. The Oleah Chronicles: Justice is full of action and secrets! Definitely secrets! Yes, Angel and her family have their secrets... but soon we find out that Julie has a secret of her own as well. All I can tell you is that it is not a very good one!

We get to meet more of the people of Uforika and get to see more of the place Angel and her family are from. We also see Zander's relationship with Angel's parents change. You will have to read this book for yourself to find out if it is for the better or for the worse. One thing I noticed and really enjoyed about this book is that Michelle included the archangels! Along with the angels, she also included Lucifer, who makes an appearance in this book.

Michelle's writing is so enchanting and magical! I am absolutely dying to read the third book! The end of the second book starting getting extremely intense and left me craving the third book. This is a spectacular series and everyone needs to add these books to their TBR!

Lost in Shadows by Courtney Shockey

- Goodreads Synopsis -
For Jasmine Marlo, love could only be described in one word; Malcolm. Her wonderful fiancĂ© holds her heart in the palm of his hand. Unfortunately for Jasmine, Malcolm is volunteering his medical services overseas in a high-conflict area. The months he is away, she is in constant fear for his life. She dreams of the perfect Valentine’s Day with him and prays it will come true.

Only some prayers aren't answered in the way you hoped. Some prayers make you wish you never uttered them at all.

"I felt how much you needed me. Your heart was calling mine. Who am I to refuse that call?"

Lost in Shadows by Courtney Shockey was an emotionally touching short story. This short story is not what it seems and will completely blow your mind.  

Courtney really knows how to pack a full, exciting and emotional story into such few pages! This story had my emotions everywhere. I really felt for Jasmine the whole time. Courtney gives you little hints that something isn't right, but you never truly know for sure. Once the end of the story runs up and smacks you in the face, you are so shocked! This story had such a shocking twist that I was not expecting in any way, shape, or form.

If I keep talking there will be huge spoilers, so this is where I will end this review!

Children of Darkness by Courtney Shockey

-Goodreads Synopsis-
Sweat soaks my clothes as I sit up in my bed. My heart pounds in my ears and my eyes dart
around the room. Giggles float from all directions of my room, surrounding me. I cover my ears with my hands and squeeze my eyes shut, rocking silently.
"Please go away. Leave me alone."
The giggles get louder and louder, deafening me to anything else.
"Stop it! Please!" I scream and everything stops. Silence is almost as terrifying.
Dr. Janet Birch has been plagued by nightmares her entire life. She worked her way through college so she could help children who suffered from the same fears and give them the tools she never had to move on.

Emily Frost is a young girl whose nightmares consume her life. Her parents bring her to Janet in hopes of dispelling her fears and bringing their daughter back from the brink.
As Emily finally breaks down and reveals her demons, Janet realizes they have more in common than she thought. Piece by piece, Janet fights for not only her life, but Emily's as well, to overcome their living nightmare.

"Every time the nightlight goes out, they come out to play. Grotesque little creatures with small bodies of children and horrid faces that haunt my dreams."

This is the first book I have read by Courtney Shockey and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed! She warned me that her books were not too long, and when I received this one in the mail, I was surprised at how thin it was. Halfway through the book, I found myself amazed at how much Courtney was fitting in to such a tiny book. When I was done with this story, I felt like I had just read a 300 page book. Courtney is extremely descriptive and kept her story vivid and full of excitement.

Children of Darkness has such a distinct cover, that immediately catches your attention. As soon as I saw this cover, I knew this book was going to be creepy. Courtney did not let her readers down! Janet's dreams are so creepy and the way Courtney describes the children and all their details is extremely haunting. I found myself not wanting to go to sleep the night I finished this book because I thought these little children would be giggling in my dreams all night.

"The dark is their playground."

I really loved how complex the story was, and the relationship between Janet and Emily. In the beginning, Janet explained that she felt connected to Emily but didn't know why. When Courtney finally told the readers why, I was shocked! The book just kept getting better and better! I also really enjoyed the relationship between Janet and Max. My dog is 100% my best friend, so it was easy to see a little of my dog and myself in Janet and Max's relationship. Yes, Janet has a boyfriend, but her dog held a special place in her heart that I don't even think Colby could reach.

Courtney Shockey is an amazing writer and I am so grateful to have been introduced to her books and her writing. I can not wait to read more by her! This is an author you guys definitely want to check out!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

End of Eternity 4 by Loretta Lost

Loretta Lost never ever disappoints! I feel like I say this a lot, but it is 100% true! Every book just gets better and better!

Goodreads Synopsis: This is the fourth and final book in the End of Eternity series! No more

Surrendering herself to the monster that has destroyed her family, Carmen follows his commands while secretly hoping for a moment when she can gain the upper hand. Having reached her final breaking point, she will take no more of watching her loved ones get hurt because of one depraved man's psychotic behavior. Carmen takes matters into her own hands, and lies in wait for the moment when she can make her move and end this.

And she will end this: once and for all.

In the meantime, Owen is hurt and confused by Carmen's sudden rejection, and considers reconciling with his girlfriend Caroline and getting married to her. He realizes that things might have moved too quickly with Carmen, and that maybe he should rekindle the relationship he has had for several years, instead of diving headfirst into something new and being unsure of the outcome...

This is book 4, and the last, in the End of Eternity series. I was upset, yet happy, to finish the series. I feel like everything ended perfectly, but I'm sad because I will miss these characters. Each character had such an intense, complex background, that it was almost as if they were real people. This is the reason that I became so attached to them all. I somehow even have a soft spot for Grayson after everything.

This book starts off with a little about Owen. Owen is so sweat and I really hope everything goes his way! Right now he is losing absolutely everything. Carmen is put in a life or death situation and is forced to do something distract to survive. Owen and Carmen are both in tough positions right now. Can Owen tell Caroline the truth? Will Carmen escape from Brad? You need to read this series to find out! I know you want the answers!

End of Eternity book 4 is such an exciting book! I was so surprised with how Carmen escaped. It used to bug me that she let Grayson stay in her head to talk to her. To my surprise he really cares about her, and really tried to help her get out of the situation she was in. Maybe Grayson is not extremely horrible after all? That will always be a mystery.. but one thing I know for sure, is that you definitely need this series in your life! If this sounds like a series you would enjoy, be sure to check
out the Clarity series first!

End of Eternity 3 by Loretta Lost

"I promise to be the best boyfriend you've ever had. I promise to always put the toilet seat down so you don't fall in, and I promise to always let you have the last slice of pizza when we order delivery. I promise to always tell you that you look great in your jeans, even when you've had too many slices of pizza, and I promise to remember to get you a present on all holidays and birthdays. I promise to try my best to never fart around you, when you're awake."

Goodreads synopsis: After all her suffering, it's time to move on and let go. But she can't. She won't...

Just when things were looking up, the universe has found a way to kick Carmen Winters in the teeth. A shocking revelation fills her with unbridled wrath and she is determined to bring justice to her family. She finds a devoted ally in Dr. Owen Phillips, until the soft-hearted doctor begins to feel that she's going too far. He tries to pull her back from the brink of insanity by encouraging her to visit her sister and spend some time relaxing and recovering in a peaceful cabin in the woods, but Carmen can't slow down.

The Winters family has suffered enough. Determined to take charge of her life and secure her happy ending, Carmen will do whatever it takes to make sure their lives will be smooth sailing from this point onward.

The third book in the End of Eternity series.

Once again, this book is told from multiple points of view! As you all may know by now, I love when I am able to read multiple characters thoughts and get a little glimpse inside of their head. End of Clarity is definitely a book that makes you want to know every little detail that every character is thinking. Loretta Lost writes amazing books, one right after the other. This lady never disappoints. I also found out she writes a mermaid series!!! What?!! Mermaids are my spirit animals, but enough about that.. back to business!

I love reading Carmen's story after reading about Helen's for 5 books. Carmen is emotionally losing it after her husband's death and her miscarriage. She doesn't know who to trust and the only man she likes is with another woman at the moment. The only man willing to help her is Brad, and Brad is very bad! What happens when Brad takes Carmen? What is he planning on doing with her? Can Owen solve his problems with Caroline in time to help Cameron?

"Do I have your attention now, Carmen?"

Loretta's books are filled with drama and excitement. It is literally one situation after another, and it really keeps you on your toes. I would catch myself not breathing because I was so into the book and the situation. Brad is such a creepy guy! I knew right from the start he would be, considering the fact that Carmen thought Brad reminded her of Grayson so much. I absolutely adore the characters! I am sad to say that I will now be starting the last book in the series.. I don't want it to end.

Loretta's writing is so unique that it sticks to you and keeps you from getting away. You are stuck to your book until you've read every single word. When reading a book by Loretta, I am no longer reading a book on my bed.. I am in the book, I am with the characters, and I am emotionally connected. This really is such a wonderful series!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

End of Eternity 2, Loretta Lost

This is the second book in the End of Eternity series by Loretta Lost! This book is told by Owen's point of view and by Carmen's, which I really enjoy. I love books that allow the reader to see how multiple characters are feeling and thinking.

In this book we get to see a little more about Owen and his relationship with his current girlfriend, Caroline. We also get to see a different side of Brad in this book! Brad is beginning to show us his true colors.. slowly but surely. Carmen is faced with a tragedy and is surprised by which guy ends up being there for her through this tough time. But what happens when the man that is there for her, may have actually been to blame for Carmen's tragedy? Is Owen ready to give up Caroline for Carmen? What is wrong with Brad? Carmen figures out some dark secrets about Brad and Grayson. Does Carmen see Grayson differently now? We get to see how and why Grayson was so obsessed with Helen. We also get to see how Brad and Grayson knew each other.

I could not believe how creepy Brad was becoming! I was so grossed out by his apartment! I almost thought Carmen was going to find her baby's fetus in his apartment. Brad is a creepy man and Loretta did an awesome job portraying him as such. I really began to understand Grayson and why he was so obsessed with Helen. I found myself almost feeling bad for him, but I didn't quite get there. I can't feel bad for a rapist.

Loretta Lost lets out everyone's dirty secrets in this book and you definitely want to hear them! If you are a fan of the Clarity series, you need End of Eternity in your life! Even if you have never read anything by Loretta, you NEED to!

End of Eternity 1, Loretta Lost

"I would almost rather spend time alone with the voices in my head than with any men made from flesh and blood."

I was extremely sad when I finished Clarity by Loretta Lost. I absolutely loved that series and was excited to learn that End of Eternity is another series that features the same characters from Clarity. The only difference is, is that End of Eternity is Carmen's story, while Clarity is Helen's.

This books picks up after the hanging in Clarity book 3. Carmen is all shook up at the sight of her dead husband. A lawyer claiming to be her husbands bestfriend, arrives and tries to be there for Carmen. Brad is really creepy and extremely determined to take care of Carmen. Meeting Brad will forever ruin a part of Carmen. Why is brad so similar to Grayson? Were these two really bestfriends? Is Brad falling for Carmen? Carmen has her eye on Owen, who is actually in a very committed relationship. Will she run to Brad because she can't have Owen? Brad is a very bad man.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. And trust me, I've seen a lot of beautiful women; sometimes I just sit and watch The Playboy Channel all day."

I know I have probably mentioned this before, but I am absolutely amazed at how easy these stories all flow together. Between Helen and Carmen, there is so much going on, and somehow Loretta makes everything come together and make sense in the end. Carmen and Helen have both been through so much. I found myself wondering when they would catch a break and just be able to be happy. The End of Eternity series is a very intense and suspenseful series. Book one was heart breaking, and allowed you to see just how crazy some people can be. Brad and Grayson both have their problems, similar or not. These problems have a source and were created somewhere, somehow and that's when these books really start to get good. Loretta has given us so much history and background information on these characters that it is so very easy to love them. Her characters are my friends and her books play in mind like soap operas! So full of excitement, drama, love, heartbreak, betrayal, and probably almost anything you can think of.

I am very excited to dive into another series by the lovely Loretta Lost!

Clarity 5, Loretta Lost

This book was the last book in the Clarity series by Loretta Lost! I was sad to read this book, because I wasn't ready for it to end, but this book was absolutely amazing and a wonderful way to end the series.

Book 5 focuses a lot on Liam. We learn a little more about him and his childhood in book 4, but this book is where things get intense. Liam has been having the same dream since he was little. He never knew what it meant but lately he has been having it more and more and he can't sleep. Liam's health is declining and him and Helen trying to have a child and plan a wedding isn't helping. Helen is worried about their future baby's genetics, and steals Liam's DNA to do a test without telling him! You will never guess what life changing information Helen discovers. How will she tell Liam? Will he ever forgive her? Is Liam going to call off the wedding?

This book was super intense and kept me on my toes until the very last word! I couldn't believe all the secrets and Liam's child hood! This book really broke my heart. I have become really fond of Liam and I absolutely love Helen and him together. Those two characters are meant to be! They just constantly have the worlds most craziest obstacles thrown at them. I was speechless after this book! I had absolutely no words.

I have no idea how Loretta thinks of such an amazing story! This book is nothing but tragedy, secrets, love, friendship, betrayal, loyalty, family, and heartbreak. My emotions were flying through the pages! Loretta is capable of really great things! Her books are proof.

Clarity 4, Loretta Lost

"It was my greed. My insatiable ambition and list for material things I didn't need. I let it control me. I can only pray that my actions haven't caused me to lose the only woman I have ever loved."

Loretta is a goddess and her words are worth more than diamonds. Clarity is such an amazing series!

Clarity, book 4, picks up right where book 3 leaves off. Helen is taken to the hospital after the crash. Her memory of the last 3 years is gone, and she has no idea who Liam is, no memory of the rape, and she has no clue that she is an author. Helen has not been the same after waking up from her accident. She slowly has to get to know Liam again and in the process, she learns things about him that she didn't know before. What is Liam hiding? Is Helen changing? Can she ever forgive Liam?

My emotions were everywhere in this book! Helen was really pushing Liam to do things he was not comfortable doing. I really felt for Liam and it made me love him even more! Loretta's characters are so complex and well developed. I am so attached to them all and I really enjoy reading about them. Loretta's writing is so magical that it doesn't even feel like I am reading the book! I feel like I am living in the pages along with Helen and Liam. They are my friends and I am theirs!

I can't wait to read the last book in the Clarity series. I am almost tempted not to read it though.. I don't want this series to be over. Yes, this series is THAT good!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

Hi guys! It is Tuesday, so that means that it is time for Top Ten Tuesday!! This weeks Top Ten Tuesday post is: Ten Facts About Me! So, here they are. Feel free to share a few facts about yourself in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!
  1. My bestfriend is my dog!
  2. I am 25 years old.
  3. I have a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.
  4. Transformers and Harry Potter are my nerd obsessions.
  5. My spirit animal is a mermaid.
  6. I absolutely love the beach, which also happens to be my last name.
  7. I work with children who have special needs.
  8. I love geckos, and I own 3 different types of them.
  9. My favorite animals are seals and elephants.
  10. It is a personal goal of mine to have my own library! 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

VINYL, Sophia Elaine Hanson


Vinyl by Sophia Elaine Hanson blew my mind! I didn't know where my mind was when I was done reading! I had no idea what to think, and I had no words to describe how I felt about what I had just read. Vinyl is probably the most creative story I have ever read. Sophia's mind is goldmine.

Sophia introduces us to a young girl named Ronja. Ronja lives in a world where The Music rules your entire life. Most people have a singer, which is an object that allows them to hear The Music. While working one night, Sophia sees a mysterious boy. This boy changes everything. Who did this boy think Ronja was? Why did he kidnap her? Who does he work for? Why'd he take Ronja's singer? Who is Ronja? You guys need to pick up this book for all the answers and so much more! I promise you will not regret it!!

"The music was not crafted to protect the people of Revinia from their demons. It is a muzzle, one that purges all powerful emotions and rebellious inclinations, prevents tumult in the face of Bullon's injustice. It exchanges your natural-born passions for a single thought: Be loyal to The Conductor."

It is really hard not to give away parts of the book! This book was so exciting and had me hooked from the first paragraph. I am so excited about Vinyl that I just want to talk about it! For the sake of others not wanting spoilers, I will try to contain my excitement for the rest of the review!

I really really enjoyed the background history Sophia gives about The Music and The Conductor. Music is used in such a unique way throughout this book. I'm still amazed that someone actually thought of this idea. I am amazed that someone actually sat at a computer and wrote this book! The characters are absolutely wonderful in this book, and are very well developed. I quickly became attached to each and every character. I was shocked at how Terra knew who Ronja was! Oh my goodness!!! It was such a huge twist.

Sophia Elaine Hanson has one huge creative mind! Her words were so detailed and descriptive. I don't think I have ever read a book with as many vivid words as this book contains. The crazy thing is that this author is only 19! SHE IS AMAZING. You can expect big things from this girl. I can't wait for Radio, which is the second book in this trilogy. I 180% recommend this book to anyone and everyone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tomorrow's Lies, S.R. Grey

"In that moment, something indefinable is born between us, some feeling that rocks me to the core. You know how sometimes you meet a person and you have this overwhelming sense they're going to play an important role in your life? Well, that's the feeling I get with Flynn."

Tomorrow's Lies by S.R. Grey left me speechless. It took me a while to write this review, because I didn't know what to say. This book really had me hooked, right from the first word.

Flynn and Jaynie have experienced nothing but loss, heartbreak, betrayal, death, and abandonment their whole lives. This changes when they meet one another. Jaynie gets placed into the same foster home as Flynn, under Mrs. Lowry's care. Jaynie and Flynn immediately have a connection, and open up to one another. This doesn't last long.. things get a bit complicated when Mrs. Lowry's daughter, Allison, wants Flynn. How far will Allison go to destroy Flynn and Jaynie? Do Flynn and Jaynie really love each other? Will their love survive this? Can the kids ever get away from the Lowry's?

I really enjoy books and stories that are written about real possible events! A lot of people do not think twice about the foster care system and how it works. This book shows how corrupt the system can be, and Grey opens our eyes to the problem by writing a book and making the book relatable and real. I do hope this book brings a little more awareness to the issue!

S.R. Grey writes so beautifully! I picked this book up in the middle of the day and couldn't do anything until I had finished the last page. Jaynie and Flynn have the perfect relationship! They are adorable! The other foster children and AWESOME as well! You will get attached to Mandy and the twins as soon as you meet them. The way they all help one another and grow together is inspiring. Tomorrow's Lies truly is a wonderful story.

"Today's promises are nothing but tomorrow's lies."         

The Iron Sword, Jocelyn A. Fox

"I knew at once that this was a different world- every part of my being knew it, even through the pain. There was something lovely and alien about the landscape, something wild and sweet in the cool night air. A part of my soul ached at the foreign feel, but another part reveled in the beauty of this new world suddenly spread out before me."

This is the first book I have read by Jocelyn A. Fox and it will not be the last! Jocelyn has such a beautiful, creative mind that she lays on paper for us. The Iron Sword takes us to a whole different world where there are queens, seers, historians, scholars, fae, knights, walkers, and so many different types of magical creatures! What more can you ask for?

In Texas we meet Tess and her friend Molly. Tess keeps seeing weird things and having weird dreams regarding her best friend, Molly. Molly is being summoned by a queen from a different world, Faeortalam. A handsome knight arrives to take Molly to the queen, but Tess insists on coming along. Once the two girls go through the gates, leaving their world behind, everything will change forever. Molly and Tess turn into people you would never imagine. Is Tess the only one capable of saving this world?

This is definitely a book you don't want to miss! The story line is amazing! There is never a dull moment in this book, and it is full of action and excitement! Tess is always up to something, so she is always entertaining the reader. The characters are awesome too! You can't have a good book without awesome characters!

Jocelyn's writing is so magical that it really enchants you while reading. It is almost as if her Fae had put a spell on me, and I wasn't able to leave my room until the book was read. I definitely recommend this book!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is: 
The top 10 books that I have enjoyed that have under 2000 ratings on Goodreads.
I could not pick just ten, so I kind of cheated by adding an eleventh!

Awakened Fate Series
by Skye Malone

by Rebekah Rue

Gabriel and the Swallows
by Esther Dalseno

Winter's Bride
by Nellie C. Lind

Forever Still Series 
by A.M. Johnson

Bound Trilogy
by Kate Sparkes

Boy Band Series
by Jacqueline E. Smith

The Balance Bringer
by Debra Kristi

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
by Martina McAtee

by Jes Dory

The Boy
by Madhuri Blaylock

Monday, July 4, 2016

Words of The Week

"Maybe everyone is a monster to some degree." 
 - Helen 

While reading Clarity by Loretta Lost, I came across this quote by the main character, Helen. The character has experienced nothing but horrific events throughout her life, and has finally had enough. She started comparing the two guys in her life by how much of a monster they are. She came to the realization that everyone is a monster to a certain extent. I like this quote because I believe this to be true! Every single person on this planet is a monster. Different people may interpret the word monster differently, allowing the word to have different levels of severity. The levels of severity is what allows the monster to be inside every single person. Our monster does not define us though, it is how we handle our monster that defines us.

Still Surviving, A.M. Johnson

"She was clawing away at my defenses, she was embedding herself within my skin. She was a living- breathing phantom. The sound of her voice haunted me."

I am completely blown away by this series. A.M. Johnson is an amazing writer! Each of her books addresses a very serious topic and puts it into words that everyone can easily see and understand. Still Surviving really messed with my brain, my feelings, and my heart! I was on an emotional roller coaster ride!

Still Surviving focuses on Seth and his problems. Seth is scarred from his relationship with his father. Due to his father, he is unaware how to treat girls and is not really interested in treating any of them like human beings.. until Tiffany. Tiffany and Seth have worked with one another for a while now, and this is their story!

"I didn't need everything... I just needed him."

These books are so unique, because the main characters from the previous books still make appearances. I absolutely love that! A M. Johnson's characters are the best! It is awesome to be able to see the characters throughout the series. Each and every one of them has developed greatly and has overcome so many obstacles in their lives. Each book is 100% relatable too, which makes the characters and story more real.

I am obsessed with A.M. Johnson and her writing. Something about her writing is so real but at the same time, so magical! This was her debut series, meaning that there are more books by her out there that I can read! Yay!! The point of this review is that everyone needs a little bit of A.M. Johnson in their lives!

The Boy, Madhuri Blaylock

Where do I start with this book? The Boy by Madhuri Blaylock is another amazing read! I enjoyed the first book so much and I was really looking forward to this book. I had high expectations and Madhuri met every single one! The Boy has it all! Super awesome characters, a great story, magical creatures, good guys, bad guys, and super cute relationships! What more do you need?

The Boy is the second book in The Sanctum Trilogy. The Sanctum is made up of 10 families who all watch over magical creatures. In this book, we get to see Ryker, Dev, Wyatt, Jools, and Darby again! I really love Ryker and Jools! If you thought they were cute in The Girl, then you will absolutely adore them in The Boy!!! The group deals with many problems throughout this book. There is a shifter pretending to be one of them, and is causing a whole lot of trouble in town. Huge problems between the 10 families begin to arise, and the families begin picking sides. Is The Sanctum breaking? What is the reasoning behind the shifter? Isn't that illegal? Did Wyatt die? Was Dev able to save him?

"I am not sorry at all and only hope there comes a day when you wake and are able to look at me without feeling full of regret and sadness, when you are as thankful as I am that you brought me here."

This book starts right where The Girl left off. I love the detail and history Madhuri puts into her books and characters. It is extremely beneficial having background knowledge about The Sanctum, the Ramyan Warriors, and the prophecies /legends! The characters develop so much throughout this book, it is amazing! I will not talk about Wyatt, for the sake of spoiling anything, but Jools is absolutely awesome in this book! She is stronger than anyone could have given her credit for, and she is a natural born leader. Ryker always has, and always will put his friends before him. He is a very brave boy! Dev is still finding herself and trying to handle what she is and what she had done to Wyatt. Wyatt makes the best of all situations and somehow it all seems to work out. Oh, and lets talk about Darby! I love Darby! She is easily a vampire fan favorite. She confuses me a lot, cause sometimes I feel like she can easily turn on Ryker and Wyatt and be bad, but she never does. Darby is a hero in book two! She broke her own heart to save Ryker, but that is all I am going to say. I could talk about Madhuri's characters all day! I LOVE THEM!

This series is easily one of my favorite series! I am patiently waiting for the third book to arrive! Everyone needs to add this series to their TBR!         

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Eternal Darkness, J.F. Johns

"It was difficult for her to believe someone could be so cruel as to lie to soldiers and experiment on them without their permission. Then a daunting realisation took over, as she realised something similar had probably happened to her. Someone must have taken her and changed her, because she knew she had been human up until that very last day."

Eternal Darkness by J.F. Johns was super exciting and extremely addicting. I was sad when I finished the book! I want more! 

In this book, there are humans and cyborgs. Cyborgs are not treated as fairly, and considered to be below humans. When Scarlet is found, no one knows what she is. She looks human, but then she is part cyborg. What is she? Who did this to her? Was she experimented on? Why can't she remember anything? This book is Scarlet's journey, trying to remember her past and trying to figure out clues as to what happened to her. 

This is a book you will not want to miss out on! Scarlets story is so unique and all the characters in this book are awesome! I love Scarlet's and Eric's relationship! I also love how smart Scarlet is. She is, I guess you can say, a smart ass? This book reminded me of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. If you are a fan of The Lunar Chronicles and enjoy cyborgs, then Eternal Darkness is for you! 

I love reading about cyborgs! There are not many books like this and I think the author did an amazing job. This book was filled with adventure, excitement, mystery, secrets, love, and betrayal!!! Oh, the betrayal!! I can't wait to get my hands on the novella. I'm obsessed and need more of J.F. Johns writing! I love it!!!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Stealer, A.M. Yates

This is the first book I have read by A.M. Yates and I loved it! The whole concept of world shifting and having powers was really neat! Stealer is full of hunters, stealers, anchors, sheers, KETS, and magical energy!

Stealer is about a young girl named Dee. She lives with her mother and has no memory of her father at all. Although, her grandpa did tell her that he was an odd man. Dee is not your normal teenager. Dee collects broken things, because they glow. She keeps the things she collects in a box in her room. One day, Dee sees a man running out her window! He has her box! This man knows something Dee doesn't. How are her broken collectables worth anything? Who is this guy? Why does his symbol look familiar? Dee is confused and has no idea what is going on, or who she is. Who was her father? And why did the mark on that mans back look familiar? Dee decides to chase the man, trying to get her box back. Dee has no idea that the adventure of a life time is about to begin!

"Sure, he was cute- in an alien, theif- boy way- but that was hardly enough to earn crush status. All he'd done was cause her trouble- the serious, life- imperiling kind. Besides, she didn't know anything about him. Having sudden, electrified urges for him was beyond dumb."

A.M. Yates creates an extremely vivid picture in the readers imagination! I really enjoyed her characters and their stories. I was shocked at what Dee found in the other world and how connected she is to it! She really has no idea who she really is.

I can't wait for the second book to come out and I'm so glad the wait isn't too long. Stealer hits shelves on July 8th! Add it to your TBR list!

"A hunter always finds his scout."