Saturday, July 23, 2016

Children of Darkness by Courtney Shockey

-Goodreads Synopsis-
Sweat soaks my clothes as I sit up in my bed. My heart pounds in my ears and my eyes dart
around the room. Giggles float from all directions of my room, surrounding me. I cover my ears with my hands and squeeze my eyes shut, rocking silently.
"Please go away. Leave me alone."
The giggles get louder and louder, deafening me to anything else.
"Stop it! Please!" I scream and everything stops. Silence is almost as terrifying.
Dr. Janet Birch has been plagued by nightmares her entire life. She worked her way through college so she could help children who suffered from the same fears and give them the tools she never had to move on.

Emily Frost is a young girl whose nightmares consume her life. Her parents bring her to Janet in hopes of dispelling her fears and bringing their daughter back from the brink.
As Emily finally breaks down and reveals her demons, Janet realizes they have more in common than she thought. Piece by piece, Janet fights for not only her life, but Emily's as well, to overcome their living nightmare.

"Every time the nightlight goes out, they come out to play. Grotesque little creatures with small bodies of children and horrid faces that haunt my dreams."

This is the first book I have read by Courtney Shockey and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed! She warned me that her books were not too long, and when I received this one in the mail, I was surprised at how thin it was. Halfway through the book, I found myself amazed at how much Courtney was fitting in to such a tiny book. When I was done with this story, I felt like I had just read a 300 page book. Courtney is extremely descriptive and kept her story vivid and full of excitement.

Children of Darkness has such a distinct cover, that immediately catches your attention. As soon as I saw this cover, I knew this book was going to be creepy. Courtney did not let her readers down! Janet's dreams are so creepy and the way Courtney describes the children and all their details is extremely haunting. I found myself not wanting to go to sleep the night I finished this book because I thought these little children would be giggling in my dreams all night.

"The dark is their playground."

I really loved how complex the story was, and the relationship between Janet and Emily. In the beginning, Janet explained that she felt connected to Emily but didn't know why. When Courtney finally told the readers why, I was shocked! The book just kept getting better and better! I also really enjoyed the relationship between Janet and Max. My dog is 100% my best friend, so it was easy to see a little of my dog and myself in Janet and Max's relationship. Yes, Janet has a boyfriend, but her dog held a special place in her heart that I don't even think Colby could reach.

Courtney Shockey is an amazing writer and I am so grateful to have been introduced to her books and her writing. I can not wait to read more by her! This is an author you guys definitely want to check out!

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