Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Clarity 5, Loretta Lost

This book was the last book in the Clarity series by Loretta Lost! I was sad to read this book, because I wasn't ready for it to end, but this book was absolutely amazing and a wonderful way to end the series.

Book 5 focuses a lot on Liam. We learn a little more about him and his childhood in book 4, but this book is where things get intense. Liam has been having the same dream since he was little. He never knew what it meant but lately he has been having it more and more and he can't sleep. Liam's health is declining and him and Helen trying to have a child and plan a wedding isn't helping. Helen is worried about their future baby's genetics, and steals Liam's DNA to do a test without telling him! You will never guess what life changing information Helen discovers. How will she tell Liam? Will he ever forgive her? Is Liam going to call off the wedding?

This book was super intense and kept me on my toes until the very last word! I couldn't believe all the secrets and Liam's child hood! This book really broke my heart. I have become really fond of Liam and I absolutely love Helen and him together. Those two characters are meant to be! They just constantly have the worlds most craziest obstacles thrown at them. I was speechless after this book! I had absolutely no words.

I have no idea how Loretta thinks of such an amazing story! This book is nothing but tragedy, secrets, love, friendship, betrayal, loyalty, family, and heartbreak. My emotions were flying through the pages! Loretta is capable of really great things! Her books are proof.

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