Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Clarity 4, Loretta Lost

"It was my greed. My insatiable ambition and list for material things I didn't need. I let it control me. I can only pray that my actions haven't caused me to lose the only woman I have ever loved."

Loretta is a goddess and her words are worth more than diamonds. Clarity is such an amazing series!

Clarity, book 4, picks up right where book 3 leaves off. Helen is taken to the hospital after the crash. Her memory of the last 3 years is gone, and she has no idea who Liam is, no memory of the rape, and she has no clue that she is an author. Helen has not been the same after waking up from her accident. She slowly has to get to know Liam again and in the process, she learns things about him that she didn't know before. What is Liam hiding? Is Helen changing? Can she ever forgive Liam?

My emotions were everywhere in this book! Helen was really pushing Liam to do things he was not comfortable doing. I really felt for Liam and it made me love him even more! Loretta's characters are so complex and well developed. I am so attached to them all and I really enjoy reading about them. Loretta's writing is so magical that it doesn't even feel like I am reading the book! I feel like I am living in the pages along with Helen and Liam. They are my friends and I am theirs!

I can't wait to read the last book in the Clarity series. I am almost tempted not to read it though.. I don't want this series to be over. Yes, this series is THAT good!

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