Tuesday, July 19, 2016

End of Eternity 3 by Loretta Lost

"I promise to be the best boyfriend you've ever had. I promise to always put the toilet seat down so you don't fall in, and I promise to always let you have the last slice of pizza when we order delivery. I promise to always tell you that you look great in your jeans, even when you've had too many slices of pizza, and I promise to remember to get you a present on all holidays and birthdays. I promise to try my best to never fart around you, when you're awake."

Goodreads synopsis: After all her suffering, it's time to move on and let go. But she can't. She won't...

Just when things were looking up, the universe has found a way to kick Carmen Winters in the teeth. A shocking revelation fills her with unbridled wrath and she is determined to bring justice to her family. She finds a devoted ally in Dr. Owen Phillips, until the soft-hearted doctor begins to feel that she's going too far. He tries to pull her back from the brink of insanity by encouraging her to visit her sister and spend some time relaxing and recovering in a peaceful cabin in the woods, but Carmen can't slow down.

The Winters family has suffered enough. Determined to take charge of her life and secure her happy ending, Carmen will do whatever it takes to make sure their lives will be smooth sailing from this point onward.

The third book in the End of Eternity series.

Once again, this book is told from multiple points of view! As you all may know by now, I love when I am able to read multiple characters thoughts and get a little glimpse inside of their head. End of Clarity is definitely a book that makes you want to know every little detail that every character is thinking. Loretta Lost writes amazing books, one right after the other. This lady never disappoints. I also found out she writes a mermaid series!!! What?!! Mermaids are my spirit animals, but enough about that.. back to business!

I love reading Carmen's story after reading about Helen's for 5 books. Carmen is emotionally losing it after her husband's death and her miscarriage. She doesn't know who to trust and the only man she likes is with another woman at the moment. The only man willing to help her is Brad, and Brad is very bad! What happens when Brad takes Carmen? What is he planning on doing with her? Can Owen solve his problems with Caroline in time to help Cameron?

"Do I have your attention now, Carmen?"

Loretta's books are filled with drama and excitement. It is literally one situation after another, and it really keeps you on your toes. I would catch myself not breathing because I was so into the book and the situation. Brad is such a creepy guy! I knew right from the start he would be, considering the fact that Carmen thought Brad reminded her of Grayson so much. I absolutely adore the characters! I am sad to say that I will now be starting the last book in the series.. I don't want it to end.

Loretta's writing is so unique that it sticks to you and keeps you from getting away. You are stuck to your book until you've read every single word. When reading a book by Loretta, I am no longer reading a book on my bed.. I am in the book, I am with the characters, and I am emotionally connected. This really is such a wonderful series!

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