Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lost in Shadows by Courtney Shockey

- Goodreads Synopsis -
For Jasmine Marlo, love could only be described in one word; Malcolm. Her wonderful fiancé holds her heart in the palm of his hand. Unfortunately for Jasmine, Malcolm is volunteering his medical services overseas in a high-conflict area. The months he is away, she is in constant fear for his life. She dreams of the perfect Valentine’s Day with him and prays it will come true.

Only some prayers aren't answered in the way you hoped. Some prayers make you wish you never uttered them at all.

"I felt how much you needed me. Your heart was calling mine. Who am I to refuse that call?"

Lost in Shadows by Courtney Shockey was an emotionally touching short story. This short story is not what it seems and will completely blow your mind.  

Courtney really knows how to pack a full, exciting and emotional story into such few pages! This story had my emotions everywhere. I really felt for Jasmine the whole time. Courtney gives you little hints that something isn't right, but you never truly know for sure. Once the end of the story runs up and smacks you in the face, you are so shocked! This story had such a shocking twist that I was not expecting in any way, shape, or form.

If I keep talking there will be huge spoilers, so this is where I will end this review!

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