Friday, July 1, 2016

Stealer, A.M. Yates

This is the first book I have read by A.M. Yates and I loved it! The whole concept of world shifting and having powers was really neat! Stealer is full of hunters, stealers, anchors, sheers, KETS, and magical energy!

Stealer is about a young girl named Dee. She lives with her mother and has no memory of her father at all. Although, her grandpa did tell her that he was an odd man. Dee is not your normal teenager. Dee collects broken things, because they glow. She keeps the things she collects in a box in her room. One day, Dee sees a man running out her window! He has her box! This man knows something Dee doesn't. How are her broken collectables worth anything? Who is this guy? Why does his symbol look familiar? Dee is confused and has no idea what is going on, or who she is. Who was her father? And why did the mark on that mans back look familiar? Dee decides to chase the man, trying to get her box back. Dee has no idea that the adventure of a life time is about to begin!

"Sure, he was cute- in an alien, theif- boy way- but that was hardly enough to earn crush status. All he'd done was cause her trouble- the serious, life- imperiling kind. Besides, she didn't know anything about him. Having sudden, electrified urges for him was beyond dumb."

A.M. Yates creates an extremely vivid picture in the readers imagination! I really enjoyed her characters and their stories. I was shocked at what Dee found in the other world and how connected she is to it! She really has no idea who she really is.

I can't wait for the second book to come out and I'm so glad the wait isn't too long. Stealer hits shelves on July 8th! Add it to your TBR list!

"A hunter always finds his scout."

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