Monday, July 4, 2016

Still Surviving, A.M. Johnson

"She was clawing away at my defenses, she was embedding herself within my skin. She was a living- breathing phantom. The sound of her voice haunted me."

I am completely blown away by this series. A.M. Johnson is an amazing writer! Each of her books addresses a very serious topic and puts it into words that everyone can easily see and understand. Still Surviving really messed with my brain, my feelings, and my heart! I was on an emotional roller coaster ride!

Still Surviving focuses on Seth and his problems. Seth is scarred from his relationship with his father. Due to his father, he is unaware how to treat girls and is not really interested in treating any of them like human beings.. until Tiffany. Tiffany and Seth have worked with one another for a while now, and this is their story!

"I didn't need everything... I just needed him."

These books are so unique, because the main characters from the previous books still make appearances. I absolutely love that! A M. Johnson's characters are the best! It is awesome to be able to see the characters throughout the series. Each and every one of them has developed greatly and has overcome so many obstacles in their lives. Each book is 100% relatable too, which makes the characters and story more real.

I am obsessed with A.M. Johnson and her writing. Something about her writing is so real but at the same time, so magical! This was her debut series, meaning that there are more books by her out there that I can read! Yay!! The point of this review is that everyone needs a little bit of A.M. Johnson in their lives!

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