Monday, July 4, 2016

The Boy, Madhuri Blaylock

Where do I start with this book? The Boy by Madhuri Blaylock is another amazing read! I enjoyed the first book so much and I was really looking forward to this book. I had high expectations and Madhuri met every single one! The Boy has it all! Super awesome characters, a great story, magical creatures, good guys, bad guys, and super cute relationships! What more do you need?

The Boy is the second book in The Sanctum Trilogy. The Sanctum is made up of 10 families who all watch over magical creatures. In this book, we get to see Ryker, Dev, Wyatt, Jools, and Darby again! I really love Ryker and Jools! If you thought they were cute in The Girl, then you will absolutely adore them in The Boy!!! The group deals with many problems throughout this book. There is a shifter pretending to be one of them, and is causing a whole lot of trouble in town. Huge problems between the 10 families begin to arise, and the families begin picking sides. Is The Sanctum breaking? What is the reasoning behind the shifter? Isn't that illegal? Did Wyatt die? Was Dev able to save him?

"I am not sorry at all and only hope there comes a day when you wake and are able to look at me without feeling full of regret and sadness, when you are as thankful as I am that you brought me here."

This book starts right where The Girl left off. I love the detail and history Madhuri puts into her books and characters. It is extremely beneficial having background knowledge about The Sanctum, the Ramyan Warriors, and the prophecies /legends! The characters develop so much throughout this book, it is amazing! I will not talk about Wyatt, for the sake of spoiling anything, but Jools is absolutely awesome in this book! She is stronger than anyone could have given her credit for, and she is a natural born leader. Ryker always has, and always will put his friends before him. He is a very brave boy! Dev is still finding herself and trying to handle what she is and what she had done to Wyatt. Wyatt makes the best of all situations and somehow it all seems to work out. Oh, and lets talk about Darby! I love Darby! She is easily a vampire fan favorite. She confuses me a lot, cause sometimes I feel like she can easily turn on Ryker and Wyatt and be bad, but she never does. Darby is a hero in book two! She broke her own heart to save Ryker, but that is all I am going to say. I could talk about Madhuri's characters all day! I LOVE THEM!

This series is easily one of my favorite series! I am patiently waiting for the third book to arrive! Everyone needs to add this series to their TBR!         

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